Piers Morgan has confusing response after fan calls him a ‘p*** goblin’

Piers Morgan responded to being called a “sinister” “piss goblin”Follow us on Twitter.

Morgan will tell you that he is quick to respond to any abuse thrown at him. This time, however, was no exception.

We think that in this case, a few people might have been left scratching there heads.

“Glasgow has spoken @piersmorgan #pissgoblin,”One user shared his thoughts on Twitter, along with a poster that Piers Morgan had defaced, in which the words “Piss Goblin” are written across his forehead.

“You think I’m immortal?! Wow, chuffed – thanks. 🙏,”He replied.

We were initially puzzled by it, but Wikipedia has now listed goblins as a category of “goblins”. “small, grotesque, monstrous creature that appears in the folklore of multiple European cultures”- They are considered immortal.

The post led many to share their own photos of Morgan posters that were defaced across the country.

“London is clearly not that fond of him either,” read another tweet alongside a similar image scrawled with the word ‘c***’.

Another one didn’t hesitate, either. He even got a little artistic with a Phallic daubing.

Piers Morgan Uncensored is experiencing a decline in viewers every day since it launched last Monday, despite Morgan’s highly-anticipated interview.

Morgan teased a potential explosive interview with Trump to kick off his return television. The previews showed Trump appearing to run off the set in anger, which attracted viewers to the interview. However, the truth was much more dramatic.

The former president gave a bizarre definition of what a “normal” conversation with Trump “woman” is.

Piers Morgan Uncensored marks Morgan’s return on television after his stormy performance at Good Morning Britain last year.

Monday’s debut averaged 317,000. Viewers tuned in to talkTV, a channel created by Rupert Murdoch and operated by News UK. Nearly 400,000 people tuned in at its peak.

Nearly a third of Monday’s viewers didn’t return to the show, with an average of around 200,000 viewers. On Thursday, the viewership was approximately half off with 123,000 viewers.

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