Piers Morgan Claims His Abs Video Has Been Watched By More People Than Any Single TV Show In British History


Piers Morgan has claimed a video of him being complimented about his ‘good abdominals’ by Cristiano Ronaldo has now been viewed more times than ‘any single TV show/event in British history.’

The TV presenter took some time out from his busy Sunday schedule of manufacturing outrage to make the audacious claim about the video, which has been pinned to the top of his Twitter feed for a number of years.

The clip, which was posted in September 2019 and was taken from Ronaldo’s appearance on Life Stories, the chat show Morgan hosted until earlier this year, shows the presenter jokingly comparing his physique to that of the famously in-shape footballer, with Ronaldo returning the compliment by telling Morgan ‘You have good abdominals.’

As a result of being the first thing anyone who visits Morgan’s Twitter page sees, the clip has now racked up a massive 35 million views, which, as Morgan correctly points out, is higher than the largest peak audience in UK television history.

That honour goes to the 1966 World Cup Final, which was watched by 32.30 million people, slightly ahead of the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997, which was seen by 32.10 million.

It’s difficult to imagine Piers Morgan being able to think any more highly of himself than he already does, but being technically able to claim he’s been viewed by more people than Princess Di and Bobby Charlton looks to have done the trick.


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