‘Pieces of Her’ Star Bella Heathcote Keeps Her Husband Out of the Spotlight— Who Is He?

Bella Heathcote stars in Netflix’s latest thriller series “Pieces of Her,”She is one of the most popular names on the internet. Although she loves to be private about her affairs, here’s a look at her intriguing love life.

 34-year-old actress Bella Heathcote is having the best of her career with her newly found fame from the Netflix hit series “Pieces of Her.”Heathcote was a star over ten years ago. Australian soap operas were where Heathcote got her start. “Neighbours.”

Heathcote was already a part of other local shows and she went on to get roles in Hollywood. Her talents were noticed by her acting in horror films. “Relic.”She also appeared in the Amazon alt-history series “The Man in the High Castle.”But her career reached a higher point when she was cast in “Fifty Shades Darker.” 

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Heathcote wrote and published the script. “Pieces of Her”During its pilot season, it was filmed in Los Angeles. In early 2020, she was cast as the lead role opposite Toni Collette and made a big impression on her fans.

“Pieces of Her”Based on Karin Slaughter’s 2018 novel of the same title. Although the series diverged from the original story, its basic idea is the same: An ambitious woman in her early 30s, who lives at home and is aimless, discovers the truth about her mom after an incredibly violent episode.

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Heathcote admitted that he turned down opportunities to screen other roles for movies so that he could focus on Heathcote. “Pieces of Her.” She was also Attracted by the mother-daughter bond the show was plotted on, and her character’s emotional growth was something she could relate to.

Production “Pieces of Her” was scheduled to begin in Vancouver in 2020, but it was halted for a year and eventually happened in Sydney. Heathcote acted alongside Collette, another Australian star in the movie. 

When asked about the experience of shooting the show, the “Relic”The actress admitted that she enjoyed the experience. Some scenes were difficult to film. She ,

“I loved going to work every day. I loved this job. At the same time, the scenes were pretty tough, but what makes it all better is the people; I just loved everyone on the crew. And I certainly feel that way after seeing the show.”


Heathcote’s popularity has prompted new interest in her personal and intimate life. Although she prefers to keep her relationship private, it is a joy that she is happy. Married to an architect, Richard Stampton.

The couple tied the knot in 2019, and in celebration of their first anniversary, Heathcote Share a touching tribute to Stampton, thanking him for marrying her.

She Write, “So somewhere in my youth or childhood I must have done something good, feels right, so thanks Rodgers and Hammerstein, and thank you @richardstamptonarchitects for marrying me.”

Fans had no idea she was celebrating her anniversary before posting. “Pieces of Her”Actress was married. It is not clear when the couple got engaged or started dating.

However, Stampton’s pictures are a regular on Heathcote’s Instagram, and many believed he was her boyfriend.


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