Pet’s neck was ripped open by an ‘out of control’ Akita, leaving dog owner in shock

WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGGES Karen Waddington, mother of five, was horrified when her dog attacked and grabbed her pet. She then threw him around.

Buster, before the frightening attack

Dog owners have been traumatized after their pet’s neck was opened by an animal. “out of control”A horror attack on a dog.

Karen Waddington (47) was walking Buster, her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, when the incident took place.

A large white Akita ran up to the woman’s corner and pounced on her 12-year old pet. She then viciously tossed him around like a ragdoll.

Last Tuesday, June 7, in Hawick, Scottish Borders, was the scene of a terrible incident.

The mom-of-5 watched in horror as Buster grabbed her by the neck, and violently tossed him around.

The neighbor ran to their house nearby and hit the dog with a stick in an attempt to get the other dog to go. Daily Record reports.

Karen Waddington was in Staffordshire bull terrier Buster with her when the incident occurred

After his vet visit, Buster was happy.

The constant attack ended when the Akita’s male owners arrived on the scene.

Buster’s fur was covered in blood following the complete ripping of his neck.

Buster’s neck is now reattached in another photo.

Karen reported the incident to Police Scotland as well as the SSPCA. However, Karen claimed that no investigation is underway at the moment.

“That day as normal we checked there were no dogs around whatsoever,”Karen.

“As soon as I let him off the lead a huge white Akita came around the corner on a retractable lead. It happened in a flash.

“He was being pulled around like a ragdoll by his neck.

“He had flesh ripped out of him, it was laying on the grass. I remember saying, ‘he’s going to kill him, he’s going to kill him’.

“I was screaming. It was everywhere. A neighbor came to assist and began punching the animal, but it refused to let go.

“The woman whose dog it was ran to go and get her husband and didn’t come back.”

Buster just before the attack last Wednesday

Buster was finally released by the ferocious dog when his male owner appeared on the scene

She continued: “Then this guy in an orange vest came around the corner and shouted at the Akita and it dropped Buster.

“He was discharged from the hospital and put in a drain to drain fluid. Then he received ketamine for three more days.

“SSPCA will not do anything about this and the police said they couldn’t do anything about it.

“What if it were a child? I am traumatised. I love him so much, he’s an adorable and sweet dog.

Karen shared disturbing images of Buster’s injuries on Facebook last Wednesday. “Caution graphic pictures, but just a wee update on Buster.

“As you can see, he is a big softie. The photos immediately after the attack were taken, while the next two were taken by the vet.

“He has had a drain put in, extensive wounds that all connect together. The vet said he is a very lucky boy as the Akita missed all the important vessels.

“He is in severe pain, has not touched water since then, but is on the mend.

“Thank you to all who were concerned, I don’t think myself or Buster will get this out of our memories.”

Viewers who were shocked at the alleged attack have left hundreds of comments on the post.

Jill Mitchell said: “Oh my god, poor wee soul. I hope he recovers soon, bless him. This makes me so angry, this is what happens when the wrong people own Akitas, it’s so sad. It should never have happened, just awful.”

Valerie Jubb said: “That is horrendous – an awful thing to happen and witness. I’m hoping Buster recovers – give him a gentle hug from me.”

Linda Mackie, who is believed to have witnessed and reported the attack, stated: “It’s terrible, I thought someone was being murdered.”

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Susan MacRae stated: “My heart goes out to you both! What a frightening experience for you and your beautiful boy! I wish him and you a speedy recovery from your awful ordeal.”

A spokeswoman from the SSPCA stated that Wednesday’s Daily Record was informed by a spokesperson. “We don’t enforce any legislation around control of dogs or dangerous dogs so this isn’t something we would deal with.

“We recommend that you contact Police Scotland regarding this incident.

The Mirror has reached out to Police Scotland.

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