People Convinced Woman’s Dog Says ‘Where Are You Going?’ As She Films Herself In The Mirror


One dog is proving there may be more to canines than at first meets the eye, after appearing to talk to its owner. 

Who needs friends, family or a partner to ask about your plans when potentially your pet could give you all the conversation and love you need?

Already, our four-legged friends are pretty faultless and would be chosen by many above any romantic relationship, but the conversation can sometimes be lacking. However, this dog has just proven it could all be about to change.

Confused Dog - closeup of pug puppy dog sitting in front of blackboard sign with hand drawn chalk question marks and blank thought bubbleAlamy

In the video, originally posted to TikTok, a woman (@cheeclapper24_7_365) can be seen recording herself in her outfit as she gets ready to go out, dressed in a classy ensemble of red t-shirt, brown trousers and white bag. Her dog then wanders into the shot and appears to check in on its owner.

The dog decides to open its mouth after plodding into view, looking up at its owner and appearing to casually say, ‘Where are you going?’

Cue everyone forcing their pets awake from their afternoon naps to try and get them to speak to them.

The TikTok has since amassed over 10.7 million views, 2.6 million likes and 10,100 comments, with other users flooding to the video in stitches over the dog’s apparent questioning. One said: ‘LMAOAOOAO the way he is standing and staring at the beginning.’

Am I the only one who heard, ‘Where are you going’?

A third commented: ‘Ma’am there is a polar bear in your house.’

If dogs can now speak then who needs a boyfriend? It may be too early for Christmas songs, but I know exactly what I’m putting on my list. Santa, unlike Mariah Carey, all I want for Christmas is not a partner, but a talking dog.


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