Passport processing delays could cause one million Brits to miss their summer vacations

Experts say that almost one million Brits might miss out on a summer vacation because of passport processing delays.

Chances of a “successful and timely renewal”They are approximately two to one.


Experts estimate that nearly one million Brits might miss out on a summer holiday booked because of passport processing delays.Credit: Getty

Hold-ups could cost £1.1billion in cancelled trips this summer, said the Centre for Economics and Business Research.

The Passport Office urged the public not to wait until after the pandemic to request documents.

Last week, PM Boris Johnson threatened that he would kill you “privatise the arse”If the department’s performance is poor, it will be removed.

Kevin Foster, Minister for the Home Office, stated that the government is “confident”It will not be required to extend the 10-week deadline for processing requests.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper stated that constituents are: “fear their honeymoon may now be wrecked because their passports haven’t arrived, even though they applied in plenty of time”.

She continued: “We’ve had cases of people cancelling jobs, parents trying to get holiday for a sick child waiting since January, huge long delays by the Passport Office and by the contractor TNT.”


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