Parents ask their kids to help them fight in Bizarre TikTok

PARENTS are asking their kids to ‘fight’ in a new viral TikTok trend – and viewers’ reactions are dividing the internet.

The #fightprank trend has received more than 70.7million views on TikTok.


The #Prankfight TikTok trend is a viral one in which parents ask their children to take off their shoes and face another child.Credit: TikTok/prettybrown.cls

What is TikTok’s fight prank trend?

TikTok is a viral trend that asks parents to get their kids to fight another child.

Usually, the parent will explain that they are going to fight another parent and will bring their child along.

Some children put on their shoes and prepare to fight, while others panic or cry out in dismay.

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What is the fight prank trend on TikTok?

@Lashawnda, TikTok user challenges her daughter to wear her shoes and join her fight.

“I’m finna go beat up this girl and if her daughter jumps in, I need you to handle her daughter,”She said it jokingly

The mom is then able see the daughter eagerly jumping up to protect her mom.

The video has received more than 100,000 views and hundreds of comments since its debut.

And that’s just one of the dozens of similar videos that have gathered hundreds of thousands – and even millions – of views.

Mixed reviews

Many viewers find the videos funny and praise the content.

“This #fightprank should not be this funny to me!!,”One user suggested adding multiple laughing faces emojis.

“Dear parents/aunties/uncles Thank you for doing the #fightprank #putyourshoesonchallenge and sharing the videos with us. Your little ones are the cutest,”Twitter was retweeted by a second user.

Many others, however, believe that this bizarre trend will encourage violence.

One user called the entire trend “unfortunate.”

A second person commented “This trend is reinforcing fighting… We should be teaching them how to use our words and communicate effectively.”

“Is this a skit or terrible mothering?”A third person was asked.


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