Paranoid Blac Chyna, Kicking Victim In The Gut

According to reports, Blac Chyna has been placed under criminal investigation. A fan claims that she snapped, punching the victim in the stomach, and cracking their phone screen. Blac Chyna was set free by a fan. Continue reading.

A Paranoid Blacchyna Loses Hers In The Club

Los Angeles Police Department officials claim that an investigation has begun after a battery report was filed Friday. Blac Chyna was identified as the principal suspect in the incident.

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According to TMZ, the alleged victim’s name is Sequoya King. King and Chyna met at a Los Angeles bar on Friday morning. She said that she had a verbal fight with Chyna that escalated to a physical altercation.

King stated that BlacChyna was upset because she believed the club was recording her. Chyna then slapped King with a slammer, accusing her to have taken photos and videos. Even though she denied that she had taken any footage, Chyna took King’s phone and slammed it on the ground, causing the screen and back of the phone to shatter.

She didn’t stop there. According to the victim, Chyna charged at her and kicked her in her stomach. This caused her to fall on the ground. Chyna’s friends were present and immediately pulled the star into a car. She drove away without any further retaliation.

Blac Chyna Is Spiraling

Blac Chyna has publicly lost a $100 million defamation suit. The lawsuit was dismissed by Chyna on Monday. She spent a lot of her time in court focusing on the alleged domestic violence Chyna committed against Rob Kardashian while they were together.

Blac CHyna - Youtube/ E!Entertainment

Credit: YouTube/E! YouTube/E!

While she seems to be in good spirits since losing the suit, Blac Chyna might be feeling a little paranoid. All of the bad press recently has her ready to fight anyone with a camera near her, whether it’s pointed at her or not. Another example is the incident at the Bar.

Chyna is trying to raise money since her huge loss at court. She and her mother started a GoFundMe to help with their appeal of the judge’s decision. As of Thursday, they’d only raised $810. It appears that she could be paying more in legal fees.

At this time, Chyna’s legal team has not made a statement regarding what allegedly occurred at the unnamed LA nightclub. Only time will reveal if she will be held responsible for her actions. She is currently laying low after the alleged assault but it is obvious that her actions have become more bizarre.

Blac Chyna is in a downward spiral? What do you think the battery report will reveal? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments.

Paranoid Blac Chyna, Kicking Victim In The Gut
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