“Overwatch 2” beta drops a cryptic reference to a fox to hint at the next hero

The second beta Overwatch 2 has ended and given players a cryptic clue towards the game’s next hero.

The most recent beta version of the app Overwatch 2, which releases on October 4, Blizzard has seemingly teased the next arrival to the roster in the form of a code to decipher, similar to that of Sombra’s announcement in 2016.

Alternate reality game (ARG), which was made up of clues and references, was discovered in several developer updates and animations. It also included a series of hexadecimal numbers. After being converted to ASCII, and then put through a Cipher a Cipher, players were given a message in Spanish that was translated into English. “She who has the information, has the power…”

Players discovered a second set that contained the same message with slightly different letters. “ra”at the top of the message. These letters were combined. “somb”The first cipher used to create Sombra. Blizzard then guided fans through a series cryptic messages and clues before officially announcing that the new character was being created.

The end of the Overwatch 2Beta fans were presented with a lengthy, absurd string of characters: “V2hhdCBkb2VzIHRoZSBmb3ggc2F5Pw==”. Twitter user HayzeletHe was the first person to decode the Base64-format cryptic message. It showed that it could be translated to “What does the fox say.”

This could be a reminder to remind you of The viral Ylvis hit song from 2013, but fans of the series think this could be referring to a mysterious fox that was briefly shown during the Overwatch 2 segment of June’s Xbox and Bethesda showcase.

The status message in the lower left-hand corner further reinforces this theory: “Sombra: Initiating shutdown. ~~boop~~”Sombra is the only other character. Overwatch’sThe roster was revealed using a series complex clues and hidden messages. Fans believe that this may be evidence that a new character is coming to life, officially known as Kanezaka Fox Girl.

Blizzard releases LoreThe video of the nine-tailed Fox on the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase provides more context about the Shimada clan which lives in Hanamura. The lore contained a letter from Asa, a woman whose husband was imprisoned by a rival clan, and mentions the couple’s daughter as well as a fox spirit and shrine. This led to fans believing that a Fox-themed hero or hero could be the next. Overwatch 2Hero to be added.

Overwatch 2S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation 5 will be available on October 4.|S.

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