Over 10,000 Hate Incidents Reported to Stop AAPI Hate in Under 2 Years – Los Angeles

Research and advocacy coalitions have revealed that more than 10,000 hate incidents targeting Asian Americans in the U.S. took place between March 19, 2020 – December 31, 2021. “Stop AAPI Hate” found.

Stop AAPI Hate (a cooperative group consisting of the LA-based AAPI Equality Alliance as well as the San Francisco-based Chinese for Affirmative Action, and San Francisco State University) has been keeping track of hate incidents against AAPI persons since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their most recent survey was released March 4, 2022. It recorded 10,905 hate incidents against AAPI people in the United States and Guam in less than two years.

The report provides details about where and how they occurred, as well as first-person accounts that can be used to provide examples and policy recommendations for reducing discrimination in future.

The most common reason discriminatory incidents occurred was race, which was listed in 91.5% (of the 10,905 reports). Ethnicity — the specific Asian culture an individual is a part of —Í was the second most common reason, included in 52.6% of reports. Stop AAPI Hate stated that more than one reason can be included in every report.

The majority of incidents in California were reported among the 4,632 incidents in 2020 (42.5%) and 6,273 in 2021 (57.5%). The report also lists Illinois, Washington, Texas, and New York as the states with the highest number of incidents.

The report stated that most of the incidents occurred in public spaces. According to the report, 31.2% of incidents were reported on public streets. 26.9% occurred in businesses. “the top sites of anti-AAPI hate.”

These reports show a range of discrimination, from denial of service to avoidance to physical violence and harassment.

Individuals who report hate incidents can report more than one type of discrimination in their reports. In fact, 66.9% (of the 10,905 respondents to the survey) said that harassment was a part of the incident.

The report contains broken down data “harassment”In “Verbal hate speech and/or harassment,” “Behavioral”Harassment, such as stalking and bullying “Gesture” harassment like a middle finger or “slanted eye gesture,” “Written”Sexual harassment, including harassment by propaganda signs

The most common form of harassment was verbal hate speech.

The second most frequent hate incidents were physical assault and avoidance or shunning. Just over 16% of 10,905 incidents reported each type of discrimination.

Reports can also be broken down by gender to allow reporting parties to identify their gender.

Harassment was the most common form of discrimination reported by all three gender groups. However, AAPI women were far more likely to report harassment than any other group, with 69.8% of reported incidents coming from women who claimed they were harassed as a result of a hate incident.

Non-binary AAPI people were most likely to report being shunned. 21.4% of non-binary AAPI persons reported avoidance or shunning in their hate incident reports.

They hope to be able to collect detailed data on hate incidents in order to make better decisions. “advance equity, justice and power by dismantling systemic racism and building a multiracial movement to end anti-Asian American and Pacific Islander hate,”According to Their website.

Please read the You can find the entire report here.


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