OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney abused her late boyfriend, Friends Say

There’s only one person who knows exactly what happened shortly before 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 3, to leave Christian “Toby” Obumseli dead from a stab wound — and according to her lawyer, that person is back home in Texas with her parents, grieving the loss of her boyfriend, and recovering from the ordeal.

In the weeks since then, certain details, at least, have become clear: After 26-year-old OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney stabbed Obumseli, 27, one time in his upper chest inside apartment 2201 at Miami’s luxury waterfront highrise One Paraiso, she called 911. The Miami Police came, and restrained Clenney’s hands behind her back, according to a shaky video shot by a neighbor with a view through her apartment’s floor-to-ceiling windows. Clenney, wearing light-colored sweatpants and a dark stain on her skin, sat down on the ground, one of her dogs kissing her face. According to Clenney’s lawyer, Frank Prieto, she had become soaked in Obumseli’s blood while trying to revive him. “She tried to administer first aid as best she could; she called 911,”Prieto tells Rolling Stone. “She got covered in his blood trying to save his life.” 

Clenney was with Prieto at the station that night. Prieto also stated that she made a voluntary statement to officers, which included something that could have led them to believe that she might be attempting suicide. “I thought it was best to make sure she was OK, and [the police] spoke to me about ‘Baker-Acting’ somebody, which is an involuntary commitment to the hospital,”Prieto said. Clenney was admitted but discharged in less than 48 hours. She returned to Texas quickly.

In a public statement released four days after Obumseli’s death, police called it a “domestic violence incident,”And that the couple was involved in an affair. “physical altercation.”The Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner confirmed that Rolling StoneThey had already ruled that the death was a homicide. There have been no arrests, and police will tell you that the investigation is ongoing. There are two possible narratives.

The first is from Clenney’s camp: According to Prieto, Clenney admits to killing Obumseli, and claims that she is a survivor of ongoing domestic violence who acted in self-defense. Clenney claims he has a witness who told the police Obumseli struck Clenney. He also points to a TV news segment in which an anonymous neighbor claimed he saw Obumseli. “swinging at”Clenney, in their apartment, the week before Obumseli’s death. Prieto says Obumseli had attempted to choke Clenney, and that’s why she stabbed him. “Christian was committing a crime, and she had every right to defend herself,”Prieto tells Rolling Stone. “This is not a whodunit. It’s unfortunately a case of self-defense. And she feels horrible.”

Obumseli’s family has argued that the attack by Clenney was unprovoked, that Obsumeli was never abusive toward his girlfriend, and that Clenney is receiving preferential treatment from law enforcement because she is a white woman. They also claim that Obumseli’s relatives, who are Black men, have been treated dismissively by detectives. “They indicated they’d closed their investigation less than 24 hours after [Obumseli’s death],” says Larry Handfield, a lawyer for Obumseli’s family. He says that after he set up a meeting with the State’s Attorney, the police agreed to investigate further. (Miami police has not responded to a request of comment. 

“This is not a whodunit. It’s unfortunately a case of self-defense. And she feels horrible.”

Friends and family members who knew the couple are now coming forward Rolling Stone, saying they feel compelled to challenge Clenney’s story. They paint together a picture that shows Clenney’s abusive relationship and Obumseli attempting to calm her down. “The reality is we did see a lot of domestic violence, and it was on her end,” One friend knew the couple from their time in Austin. 

Clenney was also reported to have abused drugs and been violent towards at least two men before Obumseli. Prieto acknowledges the alleged violence in Clenney and Obumseli’s relationship could have gone “both ways,” but he says that doesn’t change her claim of self-defense in his stabbing.

Clenney appears to also enjoy joking about being “the toxic girlfriend.”She appeared on the comedy podcast in March 2022 We are in MiamiWhere she spoke about how she has only ever been with one man. “Black guys,”Then she clarified that she meant to state she only dates “rich Black guys.”The host once said, “At one point, the Host…” “Raise your hand if you think you’re toxic,” and Clenney’s hand shot up. “She knows,”The host laughed. 

Clenney is a Courtney Tailor on Instagram. She has bleach blonde hair and a girl-next door smile. She posts bikini photos of Tulum vacations, as well as photos of boudoir photoshoots with barely-there lingerie to her 2 million followers. Her bio is on OnlyFans. One fellow influencer said that Clenney earned enough money to rent an apartment in Manhattan for $10,000 per month. “Full-time fitness model and foodie living with my 2 dogs, Jesse and Ranger. I just moved to Miami so I need your positive vibes!” Her social media has been dormant since the day of the stabbing, and her lawyer declined to make her available for an interview saying she’s not in a good place right now.

However, Clenney’s lawyer says her braggadocio is in line with her OnlyFans persona and doesn’t represent the real Courtney. “Courtney is a different person than Courtney Tailor,” Pietro says. “That’s her persona, making comments like that. It’s the theater of it, the show of it. It’s not her true self.”

Austin friend who requested anonymity
To avoid any online backlash, she says that the couple began their relationship. “talking”They lived in the city during the second half year of 2020. Obumseli was a friend who had met Obumseli through a mutual friend. He immediately fit in with her social circle. “We all hit it off with him,”She says. “He had been like a best friend ever since.”He was described as a person who enjoyed making jokes and being the life of the party. “bright personality.” She also says he had a strong religious faith and they’d shared deep conversations. 

Clenney became her friend shortly after Obumseli met her, she said. However, she had known Clenney from Austin’s nightlife scene, where Clenney was well-known for her success with OnlyFans. Her friend was nervous to see Obumseli get serious about Clenney. Clenney, who was known for her partying, was also arrested for DWI in the state. The second one occurred in September and is still pending. She was 18 when she got her first DWI arrest and was sentenced to three consecutive days in jail. An arrest warrant for 2020 shows that she crashed a white Mercedes Benz into a car a few miles away from her riverfront apartment. The front seat contained a partially empty bottle of Espolon Tequila 750ml. A roadside breath test revealed that she had a blood alcohol level of.300, which is more than three times the legal limit. Prieto declined comment to discuss the DWI arrests. “not because I’m trying to hide anything — I don’t know,”He says. “I have not talked to her about those matters and it’s not really relevant. But are there signs of substance abuse? Yeah. I mean, I would have to agree with that.”

“The reality is we did see a lot of domestic violence, and it was on her end”

Clenney is alleged to have attempted to stab her ex-boyfriend, a friend, who has also been a close friend. She refuses to name him. (Clenney’s exes that Rolling Stone(I was able to identify the person who did not reply to our requests for comment. However, Handfield, the attorney working with Obumseli’s family, says he connected with an ex-boyfriend who alleges Clenney tried to stab him “on two occasions.” Handfield says the ex has spoken to an investigator at Handfield’s firm, and that he’s passed this information on to prosecutors in Miami, where he hopes Clenney will soon be arrested. Prieto said he believes Clenney’s allegation of trying to stab her ex. “absolutely false.”

One of the stranger stories circulating about Clenney’s alleged history of violence is that Clenney may have broken the jaw of professional bodybuilder Shawn Rhoden. Bodybuilder Nick Trigili was on April 12. Posted a video on his YouTube channel, Bodybuilding and BS, which has 45,000 subscribers, where he claimed Clenney and Rhoden had been romantically involved while Clenney was training at Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. Trigili also claimed that Clenney was hit with an anvil in 2017 after learning Rhoden was already married. “uppercut”That “shattered”His jaw. Trigili agreed. “This is all allegedly, right, hearsay, but I have a lot of people confirming this.”(Rhoden was reported to have suffered a heart attack in November last year.)

Trigili told Rolling Stone by email that he’d heard this claim directly from Rhoden himself, whom he considered a close friend, as well as from two of Rhoden’s ex-wives. Trigili initially agreed for an interview but he stopped responding to emails. However, some aspects of this claim can still be verified. Clenney was notified in the fall 2017. PostPictures of She herselfParticipating in fitness competitions “My first NPC bikini competition,”A caption was added in October 2017. “Who thinks I should compete at nationals next year?” There’s also video of her training at Gold’s Gym VeniceShe died in 2017 in summer 2017. Public records indicate that she lived near Marina del Rey between 2016 and 2017. Clenney in January 2017. Post a picture of herself at Gold’s where she credited Rhoden as the photographer. Both were also PhotographedTogether with her, she holds a trophy from a bikini contest. 

Then there’s Rhoden’s jaw. Rhoden, who was interviewed several years later, described his experience training for Mr. Olympia 2017 with a fractured jaw. He did not explain how it happened. “There was no off-season,” Rhoden told Muscular Development magazine in a 2020 video interview. “It was like, jaw was broken in February, wired shut in March, April, May, and I was just kinda like you know what, I’m not gonna say a word to anyone. I’m just gonna train.”People speculated about the cause even back then. One person was alive a year ago. CommentYou can watch the video here: “Did he ever told you the story why he broke the jaw maybe of[f] camera?…I [heard] the story…and it’s quite hilarious if true.”On Another clipThe same applies to the other Muscular DevelopmentInterview, One user commented one year ago. “How did his jaw break? Heard it had to do something with some woman.” Prieto says he’s never heard this allegation before and will try to find out about it. Rolling Stone will update the article if Prieto has more information about this claim.

As Clenney and Obumseli’s relationship developed in late 2020 and into 2021, the Austin friend says she saw Clenney, on multiple occasions, pull Obumseli away from the group to argue while they were out in Austin as well as on group trips out of town. “She would disappear while we’re all at dinner or out, and she would text Christian to go meet her,”The friend said it. “And we’d go looking for them, and we’d see them arguing, and she’d be sitting there screaming at the top of her lungs. She was always pulling him away to fight about something.” 

“Are there signs of substance abuse? Yeah. I mean, I would have to agree with that.”

Clenney was a friend and influencer, who took group trips with them. She asked not to be identified due to her work in public. “push”Obumseli was seen multiple times. According to the influencer, she witnessed an altercation between Obumseli and her photographer on a Palm Springs trip last August. “I could see them arguing out of the corner of my eye,”She says. “She was kind of pushing him out of the room.”Clenney accused Obumseli eyeing other women. She claims that she witnessed an altercation begin, and she retorts. “She would be like, ‘Hey, you just looked at her,’”According to the influencer “And then she would start pushing him around.”

Another Austin friend claims that Clenney was seen hitting Obumseli multiple times while they were downtown in a group. “They would leave and we’d go looking for them — we were always kind of worried [about] what was happening or if it was escalating,”She says. “There was one time I pulled up and they were in an alley and she was hitting him as I walked up.”Clenney was also alleged to have pushed Obumseli up some stairs during an apartment party. “They were leaving, and she pushed him down the stairs because she got mad at him,””Yes,” the friend replied. When asked if she witnessed it, the friend replied, “I heard it, and I went out there, and he was at the bottom of the steps.” 

Prieto denies Clenney’s physical violence against Obumseli. But he insists that Prieto is not denying the allegations. “independent witnesses”Obumseli was said to have been abusive in private. “They had a tumultuous relationship. It went both ways, unfortunately,”He refers to the alleged abuse. “It appears Christian was very good at it being somewhat of a chameleon. In public, he maintained a certain facade. In private, he was a gaslighter and both mentally and physically abusive with her.”(Handfield calls it this assertion). “not credible and disingenuous,” pointing to the multiple times cops had been called to the couple’s apartment. “If there was any evidence to support that he was abusive towards her, he would have been hauled off to jail so fast it’ll make your head spin,”He said.


Police were dispatched to the apartment on Friday, the day before the stabbing.Clenney, Obumseli were involved in an incident that led to the construction of this building. According to reports by The Miami Herald, officers observed bruises on her arms and legs then, suggesting she’d been abused. According to a source, however, the incident was handled professionally. Rolling StoneClenney was the reason that Clenney was being questioned by police. “shoving”Obumseli in public areas. According to this same source, 13 police calls were made since Clenny & Obumseli moved into the area in January. Each was prompted by Obumseli’s aggressive behavior towards him. (Police declined comments; Prieto claims he is). “not a bruise expert”However, Clenney’s legs and arms were bruised after the stabbing. “And I believe there was some discoloration on her neck area,”He said.

Austin friend believes that Obumseli did not harm Clenney privately. Clenney asked her friend, “Are you being abused?” after she saw Obumseli fighting Clenney in public. “I was like, Hey, look, is he hurting you? Is he hitting you, beating you? Like, what’s happening?,”She says. “She’s never said that he’s hit her, cause that’s something I would have absolutely not been OK with. I would have said something. I would have made a big deal out of that.”

Clenney is the thing she says DidYou can complain about Obumseli’s money. “It was always the thing of, ‘I don’t want to share my money with him,’”She says. “They were constantly fighting about money.” The Austin friend, the influencer, and Clenney’s lawyer all said Obumseli and Clenney had arranged for him to get a percentage of her OnlyFans income. It is unclear whether Obumseli was being paid what they’d agreed upon; the friend and the influencer say he was not, and that he managed her schedule and helped out at photo shoots, doing the work of an assistant. Prieto says Obumseli was being paid a percentage by Clenney’s management company at her behest, and describes Obumseli as “manipulative” in trying to take some of Clenney’s modeling income. He has suggested to Rolling Stone and other outlets that he’s building a sex-trafficking case against the late Obumseli, though he’s declined to offer details. Handfield believes that Prieto created the trafficking accusations to defend Clenney against possible murder charges. “I think it’s just something he’s made up,”He says. “It’s self-serving.” 

Clenney purchased Obumseli high-end gifts throughout their relationship. A friend from Austin claims Clenney used money as a way to compensate for times she had allegedly mistreated him. She says in one instance, Clenney tossed Obumseli’s suitcases off the balcony of their Austin apartment building. “She was like, ‘Ha ha, toxic girlfriend,’ but [then] she was like, ‘It’s okay, I bought him all new Louis Vuitton luggage,’”She says. “It was this thing where she would do something to him, and then her way of apologizing would be to buy him something designer or make up for it with a trip.”Prieto said he doesn’t believe Clenney gave Obumseli presents to settle disputes.

“They would leave and we’d go looking for them — we were always kind of worried [about] what was happening”

The friend and the influencer say Obumseli’s general approach was to try to “de-escalate”Courtney will be there for you. “I can summarize it as her always having these manic episodes, dragging him into it, and him trying to be like, ‘calm down, calm down,’”The Austin friend agrees. This view is shared by the influencer. “His role in their relationship was basically to take it from her and to calm her down,”She says.

One place where sources differ is on whether Obumseli defended himself against Clenney’s alleged attacks. According to the influencer, she didn’t see him stop her during their altercations. “He would kind of just stand there, like a stick figure,”She says. “He would just stand there and take it. If she put her hands on him, he would never put his hands back on her. I don’t even think he would try to stop her from hitting him.”Sources familiar with the police visits to the apartment block describe similar behaviours in the common areas. Courtney would “get physical”He would be there for him during arguments. “stand there and take it.” 

A friend from Austin claims she saw Obumseli defend himself. “He wasn’t just sitting there taking it,”She relates the moment she said she saw Clenney hit Obumseli on an Austin alleyway. “I’ve never seen him hit her. He has grabbed her, not in an aggressive way, but, you know, when someone’s hitting you, you like, grab their arms. I’ve seen that, but it’s never been a thing where he was hitting her.”

Friends claim that Obumseli stood beside her throughout it all and even made excuses to her for her actions. Austin friend claims Obumseli would put it down to her alcohol consumption. “He was always trying to be patient and [he] was like, ‘She’s only like that when she’s drinking,’ always making an excuse, and we would be like, it’s not cool. You can’t just be getting the crap beat out of you.” According to the influencer, substance abuse was also a factor. Clenney was usually drunk on many of her trips. “You just couldn’t hold a conversation with her because she was slurring her words,”She says. “I do want to say I have never seen her [act] aggressive sober.”Handfield tells RSHe spoke with witnesses who, just like the sources, agreed to testify. RSInterviewed, they claim that “when she drinks, she becomes violent.”Prieto claims he doesn’t think alcohol makes Clenney violent.

Whatever actually happened that night in the apartment between Clenney and Obumseli, their friends say Clenney’s track record of alarming behavior gave them cause to wonder. The friend from Austin claims she’s seen her use violent threats as a joke. She said she once brandished scissors at someone else, laughing that she was going after them. “She’s done that, trying to be funny, like, ‘Oh, I’m going to get you,’ or like, ‘Don’t talk to me that way,’”The friend said it. “She’ll pull something out, thinking it’s funny, like, ‘Ha ha, I’m the toxic crazy girlfriend.’” 


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