One TikTok user was suffering from strep throat when they were diagnosed with HIV.

One TikTok user shared their story online about discovering they had AIDS. This was to highlight the importance of routine STD testing.

Kyle, the TikToker said that after they complained of sore throat symptoms, their doctor recommended more tests. The medical professional found out that the TikToker actually had HIV.

Kyle shared in the video’s caption that they wish to advocate for others to “get tested regularly and ask your partners what their status is! knowledge is power.”


Ask your partners to be tested on a regular basis and find out their current status! knowledge is power 🫡 #fyp #gay #lgbt

Kyle left a comment on the video and wrote: “i’ve been undetectable for 3.5 years now and healthier than i’ve ever been.”

There is no cure for HIV/AIDS. However, there are treatments and medications that can help to reduce the viral load. This would render the virus inexplicable to others.

Early HIV infection symptoms can include fatigue, fever, night sweats and chills.

Per the CDC, HIV is defined as a virus that attacks the body’s immune system. Untreated HIV can cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). HIV can also be transmitted sexually, perinatally, and through the sharing of drug injection equipment. HIV transmission can be reduced by using latex condoms, clean injection equipment, and other means such as latex condoms.

“sorry , but im glad you made a comeback and doing well. ITS NOT THE END! ITS JUST A NEW START! shame on guys who dont get tested regularly!”One comment.

“Yea just got that call.. right in the middle of my final too. I cried for the remainder of the class. I’m definitely not taking the news very well,”Another said it, and the creator responded, “i totally empathize with the initial shock, but your life is not over! hiv is completely manageable and with meds you’ll be undetectable in no time.”

“this happened to me but now I am healthy and undetectable,”One viewer shared.


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