One Person Shares Their Journey on Transgender Day of Visibility – Los Angeles

“We have your back,”These were the words from President Joe Biden during this national transgender awareness day of visibility. It was a day to draw attention and raise awareness to discrimination against transgender persons. 

Brody Fitzpatrick stated that there was always an internal struggle. 

“There’s something off with me, something different and I couldn’t articulate what it was,” Fitzpatrick said. 

He talks about how he did not fit in the role he was born to as a female. He said that femininity was not a concept he could understand, no matter what he did.

Fitzpatrick, who was one of the first female firefighters in New York City, became a firefighter in 1982. 

“There are still people who can’t accept women as firefighters either and I was in that first group,” Fitzpatrick said. “I loved being a firefighter but I hated my body even though I masculinized it as much as I could.”

Eight years ago he chose to go through what he calls his second puberty and transitioned into a man. 

“I’m the same person I’ve always been but my packaging is just a little different and quite honestly I like it better,” Fitzpatrick said.

Fitzpatrick admitted that he has had to make difficult decisions about his transition.

“My favorite definition of courage. Feeling the fear. Doing it anyway,” Fitzpatrick said.

Dr. Kristen Vierregger states that she has helped more than 1,300 transgender people in her metamorphosis clinic over the past eight years. She also counseled them for more than 6,000 hours.

“When we’re presented with-somebody outside our personal experience our first reaction is fear and rejection . but you met brody what a dear soul and he’s just one of many,”Dr. Vierregger, Metamorphosis Medical Center stated. 

Today, President Joe Biden tweeted that he would work for a bipartisan act to ensure gender equality.

“I want to let you know that I am so proud of you. You belong. I have your back,” the president said via Twitter. 

“My wish is that every trans kid can just be themselves without ever having to worry if somebody has their back. They could just thrive,” Fitzpatrick said. 

Fitzpatrick says he’s never been in a better place, the place where he knew he belonged all along. 


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