On my boarding pass, I received the dreaded SSSS

Randomly selected to undergo additional security screenings at the airport can make your journey to the plane more difficult.

Stewart Jackson, a Londoner, was issued the dreaded SSSS letters on his boarding card when he flew to New York to see his girlfriend.


Stewart Jackson, London was selected to continue security screenings

The code stands to “Secondary Security Screening Selection” which means that the passenger has been selected for additional screening by security.

Stewart stated that he tried to log in online the night before but kept getting an error message.

“I didn’t think much of it at that time and knew I would be fine to check-in at an airport.

When he arrived at the airport check-in desk, however, his boarding card was stamped with the letters SSSS.

Stewart described how, when airline staff were checking passengers’ covid requirements as they waited in line, Stewart mentioned that the website wouldn’t allow him to check-in.

Stewart said, “She pulled me out of the line to a desk to verify my details.

“She said, “Oh!” after she had entered my passport number. My heart began to pound when she said that. I was certain there was a problem, and I wouldn’t fly.

“The employee noticed my panic and explained that the reason I was unable to check in was because I had been pre-selected for additional screening.

“She assured me this was nothing to worry about and was purely random. It would be a search at the London end of the journey before boarding and not in New York as I’d initially feared.”

Officials will inspect your luggage again during the procedure. They will give you a pat down and swab for explosive residue.

They might also need additional information to prove their identity or a complete run-down on all travel plans.

The majority of SSSS checks are performed on international flights between the USA and Canada.

Stewart was not required to wait longer to be selected for secondary security screening.

Stewart stated: “I went to my gate when my board group was called. When they saw my boarding cards, they directed me to an area behind the screen where another person was being searched.”

“My hand luggage was searched. My hands and pockets were swabbed, but they didn’t say what I was carrying. They asked me to remove my shoes in order to check the inside.

“This all happened in the waiting area before we actually boarded, so it didn’t delay me getting on the plane.”

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Getting randomly selected for extra security checks can make you late for your flight


You may be late for your flight if you are randomly selected for additional security screenings


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