Olivia Newton John’s Daughter is Changing Her Career

Olivia Newton-JohnShe was one of the most prominent stars of the 1980s. We know everything about her career. But how about her daughter? Chloe Lattanzi? Lattanzi is starting a new business venture that’s partly inspired by her famous mother. 

Lattanzi is no stranger to the spotlight

Lattanzii, the daughter of Newton John and Matt Lattanzi are actors. The couple met while working on the classic 1980 film. XanaduThey were married four years later. In 1986, they welcomed their daughter Chloe. They split in 1995 but are still friends. 

Lattanzi has tried her hand at a variety of different careers, and it’s no surprise she followed in her multitalented parents’ footsteps. Lattanzi performed on stage in a Melbourne production. Hair In 2002. She’s also appeared on reality TV programs like Rock the Cradle And Dancing with the Stars Australia

Lattanzi, in addition to appearing onscreen, has also tried her hand making music. She’s been releasing music since 2010, and even released an album, No painIn 2016, Her famously musical mother has also collaborated with her, dropping “You Have to Believe”In 2015, “The Window in the Wall”In 2021. 

Newton-John spoke. The Hollywood Reporter The duo spoke about their journey to record the duet. “It was sent to me by a woman I had met at a health clinic a couple of years ago,”The actor, a 74-year old actor, said. “I thought it was a beautiful message and thought of Chloe to record it with. It just came into my mind. I had no plans of singing again. I had no plans of recording, but this song just made me do it.”

Her Medicinal Cannabis Farm

So what is Lattanzi doing today? She and James Driskill, her partner, moved to Canby in Oregon in 2016 to open Laughing Dog Farms. This is a legal marijuana farm, plant probiotics, and biostimulants farm. Lattanzi has the full support of her mother; Lattanzi’s step-father, John Easterling, also works with medicinal plants.

Newton-John was partly responsible for the creation of the company. She has been fighting breast cancer intermittently since 1992 and has claimed that medicinal cannabis has greatly helped her quality life. 

“I’m very lucky to be married to a wonderful man who is a plant medicine man,” Newton-John told People. “Now he’s growing medicinal cannabis for me, and it just has been wonderful. It helps me in every area.”Lattanzi has made her own path within the entertainment industry. She is now involved in music, movies and reality TV.

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