Olivia & Ethan Platter Update: Are They Still Together?

Plathville is your home Fans are interested to see where Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath are today. Their relationship has been through many ups and downs, as shown on their family’s TLC show. For a time, they even split up. After Plathville is your homeSeason 4 has ended this week. Are they still together now?

The July 26th episode of Plathville, things were intense as Ethan Plath and his family went to the cemetery on his late brother’s birthday. Olivia didn’t want to face Kim Plath. This caused some drama between Ethan, Olivia and Kim Plath.

Ethan told his wife this during the episode. “I feel like you were rude because you didn’t show up to my dead brother’s grave so that’s on you.”

Plathville is your home Season 4 ended with uncertainty about their future. Olivia said she wasn’t sure if they would be staying in Tampa or heading off to live somewhere else. Ethan also mentioned returning to Cairo to work on his cars. Things seemed to still be up in the air which could impact their relationship going forward.

So, what is Ethan and Olivia’s relationship status now?

Are Olivia & Ethan Plath still together?

From Olivia’s social media activity, it looks like she is still with Ethan. They went on a wonderful European vacation together. If their relationship was not in the best of health, it seems unlikely that they would take this trip together.

Below you will see one of Olivia’s social media photos.

Olivia Plath Instagram, Welcome to Plathville

On June 4, she shared her take on a Tik Tok viral trend. You can find out more here. She wrote the following while displaying the funny texts Ethan Plath sends to her: “Gotta love him 🤣🥰”

This is a sign they are still together.

Olivia Plath, Instagram

At this point, Olivia and Ethan Plath haven’t come out and said where they stand. Based on the recent posts on social media, it appears that they are still together. On social media, fans have discussed whether they think Ethan and Olivia should stay together after all they’ve been through. We’ll have to wait and see what ends up happening, though.

What do you think will happen to Olivia and Ethan Plath in the future? Are you positive that they will remain together for the long-term? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Keep checking back. TV Shows AceMore Plathville is your home news.

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