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An elderly woman watches a boy at a local park and becomes intrigued. 

Lily Bolton, a 70-year old woman loved by all who knew her was respected and loved by all. Jim Bolton, her husband, was a well-known couple in their small community. This is where they were both raised. 

Lily and her husband have been walking their dog and husband to the local park every day for the past ten year.

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Bruno, their playful golden retriever, loved to walk the park with them as it meant they could catch the frisbee. 

Lily and her husband witnessed a strange phenomenon over the past month. Unexpectedly, a little boy appeared from nowhere and chose to sit in the same spot in the park. 

Lily noticed him the first time he wore a large hoodie over his face and red sneakers. Lily felt a sense of sadness and awe for him. 

After seeing the boy for the third time, she pointed him to her husband and both began watching the boy. 

Just before sunset, he would appear, then sit down for a while, and an elderly lady would arrive just as it became completely dark. Then, they would both leave the park together.”I wonder what his story is,”Lily said this as she watched the girl lead the boy away. 

“Best stay out of it,”Her husband, who is always cautious, explained it to her. Lily gave him a smile that day, but she resolved to approach the boy. How?

Lily was going to buy herself and Jim burritos outside the park. On her return, she saw the boy, still seated on the grass, looking sad.

Lily and her husband saw a little boy appear seemingly out of nowhere to sit at the same spot in the park. Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

She quickly switched directions and chose a path that would bring her closer to the boy. “Today, I’ll meet the child under that hoodie!”She was able to affirm her thoughts. 

She got close enough to the boy and made a slight sound, which caused him to look up, revealing his true face. “Nice sneakers,”Before moving on, she smiled and said “Thank you,” before moving on. 

She told her husband that she saw the boy’s face, and she recognized him. “Really? Who is it?”He was curious. 

“It’s the boy who was always playing frisbee with his father every day some months ago.” 

“A lot of kids do that around here,” Jim said lazily. 

Lily was hoping that. “Well, it was that boy who got scared when Bruno tried to catch his frisbee,”She spoke. 

“Oh, that kid. He was so scared the dog was gunning for him,”Jim laughed. 

“I wonder why he no longer plays with his father,”Lily stated. 

Lily told her husband that she had seen the face of the boy and recognised him when she returned. Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

The next day, she intentionally bumped into both the boy and the old women who frequently came to guide him away.  “I’m sorry,”The old woman heard her words. She smiled at the boy before she said, “I remember you.” 

The boy recognized her too and searched for her dog. But she had already left him with her husband. 

“It’s okay, Bruno isn’t with me today,”She said it calmly. She then confronted the elderly woman and asked why the boy was always sad and lonely every single day. 

“I’m his granny,”The woman responded. “His parents lost their lives in a car accident. His name is Roy.”

“He used to be so happy playing with frisbees every weekend with his father on that spot,”Lily said that she felt terrible for the boy. 

“That’s why Roy comes here every day,”The old woman spoke. 

The next day, Lillian baked a pie and prepared a couple of sandwiches then went to the park with her dog just when she knew Roy would be there. 

After a long time of being in misery, the little boy looked up to see Lily and her dog, who were bringing him delicious food. Bruno waggled his tail and held a frisbee in its jaws. Roy wanted him to play, but he just turned away. 

Bruno was not one to be taken for granted and jumped all over Roy, starting to lick his entire body. The boy smiled, but it still made him angry. 

He threw it to get rid of the dog. But a few seconds later, the animal was still pestering him for another throw. Roy continued throwing it and before Roy knew it, the dog was back pestering him for another throw. 

Bruno failed to bring his frisbee the fifth time so he had no choice but to get up and grab it. Bruno didn’t want that to happen so the frisbee was carried around by the animal. Roy tried to catch it several times, and soon it became a fun sport that made him laugh. 

Roy kept throwing the frisbee over and over again until he finally got it right. Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

“It’s been some time since I saw him laugh,”The old woman spoke to Lily from behind, startling her. She was distracted by Roy and her dog but had not heard the old woman creep up.

After playing for more than 30 mins, Lily invited Roy along with his granny to eat pie and sandwiches. Bruno stayed by the boy’s side and it was evident that they enjoyed each other.

Lily has been visiting the park daily since then and seeking Roy to play with Bruno. The boy finally visited the park one day. But Lily and her dog weren’t there. He returned home, and his granny told him why — Lily had passed on. 

Roy visited Bruno at her house a week later after her burial and found him lying on the ground. He picked up the frisbee to comfort Bruno and placed it next. 

As he got up to leave, he suddenly heard a dog barking behind him. Bruno, holding the frisbee between its teeth, ran towards him when he turned around. 

“She would want you to have him,”Jim, Lily’s husband, spoke from his front door. “He’s yours now.” Bruno followed them home, but now and then, the dog would return to his former home to check on Jim. 

Bruno followed them home, but now and then, the dog would return to his former home to check on Jim | Source: Pexels

What did we learn from this story?

  • People who do good are always remembered. Lily, the boy she had blessed with her kind heart, never forgot about her. His loss was not unnoticed. He would not have cared about her death if she had been cruel to him. This is a reminder of the importance of doing good while you are still alive. 
  • Keep your curiosity alive. Roy’s curiosity inspired Lily to investigate. He was able to benefit from her small contribution, and she passed away leaving him with a friend who would protect him as his father did. 

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This story might appeal to you if you liked it. It is about a young boy who sees another child in the park and becomes a carbon copy of him.

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