Officially in the Making, but With One Major Change: ‘Married…With Children’ Revival

Married…With KidsThis could be the latest TV series to return after many decades of being off-air. The series’ presentation will be slightly altered in the event of a possible return. All of the original cast are available for a return including Ed O’Neil and Katey Sagal as well as Christina Applegate, David Faustino, and David Faustino. But They won’t be appearing in live-action but will instead star in animated form.

Deadline reported that the series idea has been pitched to streaming platforms and TV networks. “getting strong interest.” According to the outletFox, Hulu and Peacock are among the top destinations. Family GuyAlex Carter is the executive producer and showrunner.

The original series’ animation style is almost cartoony. Al Bundy, the patriarch, survives on toaster leaves, and can even sustain injuries that would kill anyone. He also scores four touchdowns in one game. Animation would preserve the original series while also making it possible to travel elsewhere. The animated version could have a variety of guest stars and take you on adventures that you might not expect. Family GuyOr Bob’s Burgers.

The original series was originally broadcast by Fox. In 1997, Fox abruptly cancelled the series and ended it without a proper conclusion. It lasted 11 seasons and was the longest-running live action series on network television. Deadline notes that there has been talk of a revival of Bundy’s family, with Faustino looking into a spinoff that would see Bud Bundy return to his childhood home with his ex wife and best friend. O’Neil & Sagal would have re-enacted their roles as Peg Bundy & Al Bundy. Then, they’d be able to retire and move to Las Vegas.

Rob Leavitt, the son of the original co-creator, objected to the revival idea. Michael Moye, the co-creator, was also involved in the project. However, the difficulties of managing schedules led to the end of the idea.

The animated revival solves scheduling issues and allows the series to continue as it is. The potential series is not yet being streamed or a network, but the cast is ready to go. Will Al Bundy be able to ride again? Or will he stumble horribly in his life? We’ll have the chance to see.


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