Official Facebook warning over scams that rinse your bank account – how to spot them

FACEBOOK has issued warnings to its Marketplace users over concerns about frauds.

Facebook Marketplace is available since 2016. It allows users to buy and sell almost any item without paying any fees.


Facebook Marketplace has everything you need

It comes with some risks.

Worrying reports have surfaced that the platform was being used to murder unsuspecting customers.

But, the most common issue is being ripped-off.

According to Facebook’s guidance, it is a problem that both buyers and sellers need to be aware.

They warn of fraudulent sellers “purposely sending you something significantly different from what you paid for”.

A seller selling you a used item they have listed as new, for example.

Another sign is someone claiming they sent the product, but in fact they did not.

Dodgy buyers can make it difficult for sellers to ship items before they pay.

Unsolicited fraud reports after you have received an item are another red flag.

Also, a buyer who claims they have not received their order is a negative sign.

You can also get advice from the social network on what to do if a listing appears fake or dishonest.

The old saying is, “If it sounds too good to true, it probably doesn’t.”

Be aware of suspiciously low prices as they could be counterfeits.

If a listing encourages you contact the seller outside Marketplace, then think again.

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Official Facebook warning over scams that rinse your bank account – how to spot them

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