Now, we know what caused Hank William Jr.’s death. His wife was Mary Jane Thomas

After undergoing plastic surgery, autopsy records revealed that Mary Jane Thomas’ death resulted from one of her lungs collapse. The death was ruled accidental.

Thomas was visiting Florida to undergo elective plastic surgery. She wanted to reverse her breast augmentation, as well as have a liposuction on her stomach, back, and arms. TMZ.According to the autopsy report the plastic surgeon accidentally hit vital tissue in the chest, which helps to remove fluids. As doctors were removing breast implants, the accident occurred. According to the autopsy report, Thomas was taken into the recovery room after the two procedures were finished. Thomas was, reportedly, “sitting up”Even better! “speaking normally,”per People.Thomas died the following day after he was rushed to hospital. 

Many fans took to social media following the news to express condolences to Thomas and to honor him once more. “Sad,” One fan wrote. “Prayers sent,” Another said. To add to this, iHeartCountry moved to TwitterFollow the link to send well wishes and good news to the Williams family “Sending our love to the Williams’ family as they continue to grieve the loss of Mary Jane.” 


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