Noughties Pop Star Anastacia Reveals Sad Reason For One-Hit Wonder Career


If you’re younger than 25 you probably don’t remember Anastacia, but for millennials, her hit song I’m Outta Love was virtually inescapable. 

The track hit number one in Australia and Europe in 2000, catapulting the American singer to worldwide fame. But despite the song’s success, Anastacia never really hit those heights again.

Now, she’s back in the spotlight, after being crowned the winner of the latest series of The Masked Singer Australia, competing as a ‘Vampire’ to become the first ever American champion of the show.

Anastacia unveiled as winner of The Masked Singer Australia (Network 10/Fox)Network 10/Fox

The singer has continued to release music sporadically over the past two decades, but fans were keen to understand why she’s kept a relatively low profile in that time.

In a new interview with News AU following her win on The Masked Singer, Anastacia has revealed the heartbreaking reason behind her stalled career, explaining that a whole host of health problems conspired to prevent her from being able to tour or work as much as she’d like.

‘That’s probably been my biggest problem – when I’m really ready and raring to go, another disease comes,’ she said, explaining that over the years she’s being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a heart condition, and has had to fight breast cancer twice.

‘It’s been tough to be able to keep the motion and momentum going,’ the 53-year-old said, adding that the lacklustre response to her music lately has left her less motivated to put out a new album ‘for it to never get listened to’.

Anastacia (Alamy)Alamy

Following her victory on The Masked Singer, Anastacia told the amazed judges – including Danii Minogue and Lindsay Lohan – that she’d in part joined the contest to revive her career, but also because of the lack of live performance opportunities in her home country as a result of Covid-19.

The industry is completely frozen. And that is just what our reality is as performers. We have no stages to go on, we can’t have crowds, and I understand that because I want to keep people safe, but I miss doing my job and I really, really miss singing.

‘This was such a beautiful, like, get out of jail free card. I don’t know when I’m gonna be able to tour. I’m hopeful, but I might be 75 by the time I get on the stage,’ she added.


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