Nick Cannon’s wild and polyamorous love story as a comedian (41) ‘gets fifth child mama pregnant with his EIGHTH’

NICK Cannon was the talk of the town this weekend after it was revealed that he had been drinking. “got his fifth baby mama pregnant with his eighth child”.

Model Bre Tiesi, 30, is believed to be expecting a baby boy with Nick and reportedly threw a gender reveal party with the Wild ‘N Out host at the weekend.


We are taking a look at Nick Cannon’s wild, polyamorous life.Credit: Getty Images – Getty
He is 'expecting a baby boy with his fifth baby mama Bre Tiesi'


He’s ‘expecting to have a baby boy with his fifth child mama Bre Tiesi.Credit to Instagram
He had a five-month-old son Zen with Alyssa Scott, who died last month


He had a five month-old son Zen, whom he shared with Alyssa. Scott died last month.Credit: Instagram/Nick Cannon
He shares twins Zion and Zillion with Abby De La Rosa


He has twins Zion (Zillion) and Abby De La Rosa (Zillion).Credit to Instagram

Nick held a baby-shower for his newest child, decorated with both blue and pink balloons.

Bre was seen holding her growing baby bump while wearing a white, form-fitting gown.

The next day, she recorded herself holding her stomach as she had lunch with a friend at Nobu in Malibu.

Bre was previously married from 2018 to November 2021 to NFL star Johnny Manziel, after which their divorce was finalized.

Nick – Nick has previously praised the “polyamorous”Lifestyle: Many children with various women.

He is also father of Monroe and Moroccan, 10 year old twins, whom he shares his life with Mariah Carey. “Sagon,”4, and Powerful Queen 1, Brittany Bell, model, Zion Mixolydian, and Zillion Heir, 7 Months, Abby De La Rosa, and his son Zen, who died in December, with Alyssa and Scott.

We take a look at Nick’s wild love life as confused fans attempt to understand his growing family.

After a brief romance, Nick married Mariah Carey. They have two children together – Monroe and Moroccan Scott, who are both 10 years old.

They filed for divorce in 2014. They were briefly reunited in 2015. Then, they divorced.

Nick met Brittany Bell, beauty pageant queen and model, during his split from Mariah in 2015.


They were together for a while, but she gave birth in the end to their son Golden. “Sagon”While they were supposedly “on a break”Back in 2017.

According to reports, the couple split up but were seen together leaving Malibu, California on November 9, 2020 after celebrating her 33rd Birthday.

Brittany posted on Instagram in December 2020 that she was expecting her second child Powerful Queen with Nick.

Nick also dated Jessica White, a model, for several months last year.

They split in August 2020, just days after Brittany shared a picture of her baby bump via social media. 

Jessica did not give any explanations for their split but made reference to it. “not being valued”In an Instagram post 

She shared a comment on her Instagram saying: “Someone who values you, wouldn’t ever put themselves in a position to lose you.

“I’m so blessed, I’m whole, and ready to embrace a single life free from all baggage, I wish nothing but the best for @nickcannon.” 


It’s unclear when Nick started dating Abby De La Rosa, although in April 2021 they revealed they were expecting twins together.

Nick was stripped while posing with Abby, who was then pregnant, for an intimate maternity shoot.

On Wednesday, Abby announced the birth of her twin boys Zion and Zillion who arrived earlier this week.

“JUNE 14, 2021,”She posted the following on Instagram. “Welcome to the world Zion Mixolydian Cannon & ZIllion Heir Cannon #Myworld #twinboys.”

She also uploaded a photo of each baby’s tiny hands held on to her fingers to her Instagram Stories.

Abby erased all Nick-related content from Instagram after Nick’s latest baby mama, Alyssa Scott, revealed she was in her “final days”The importance of pregnancy.

In October 2020, Alyssa was photographed being taken out on a date night by the TV personality on her birthday.

Alyssa was, reportedly, a model for Cannon’s Wild’n Out. She began trending last month when she posted a pregnancy picture of herself and shared her name and unborn child.


Zen, her son, was born to her in June 2021. He tragically died last month from rare brain cancer.

Zen was diagnosed two months after his birth with high-grade, aggressive brain cancer.

Nick shared his thoughts about Zen’s final moments. People: “You could see he was struggling. He was desperate for air.

We’d wake up and he wouldn’t breathe for five to ten seconds, then he would let out a big gasp. It scared him. It was the scariest thing that I have ever seen.

It shouldn’t surprise Nick that Nick has multiple baby moms after he said he respected a polyamorous marriage.

Nick divorced Mariah and made a vow to never again. “never”You can marry again.

T.I. spoke with him on his podcast. He explained to T.I.

“Once I stepped away from my marriage with Mariah, I knew I would never get married again.”

“I knew I’d never be in a relationship again and that I’d never want to be married again. I respect a polyamorous situation,”He admitted it.

“But for me, that’s too many rules. I don’t want to answer to anybody. I want to be alone for all eternity. I am a good person. ‘lonesome’My neck is tattooed. I’m good.

“I got kids by different women and I want more kids but I don’t want to be responsible for nobody else’s happiness. I’m still trying to get my s**t together.”

Abby deleted all photos of Nick from her Instagram after it was revealed he was expecting a baby with Alyssa


Abby deleted all Nick’s photos from her Instagram account after it was revealed that he was having a baby girl with Alyssa.Credit: Instagram/Abby De La Rosa
He has two kids - Golden Sagon and Powerful Queen - with Brittany Bell


He has two children – Golden Sagon, and Powerful queen – with Brittany BellCredit: Instagram/Brittany Bell
They share 10-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott


They have 10-year-old twins Monroe Scott and Moroccan ScottCredit: Getty Images – Contributor
Nick Cannon welcomed twin boys Zion & Zillion to Abby De La Rosa’s home while still expecting baby with Alyssa Scott, a model


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