NFL’s 2022 Season has New Overtime Rules That Have Fans Upset

The NFL announced Tuesday that overtime rules have been changed for playoff games. The NFL owners approved a new rule allowing both teams to possess at least one possession in overtime. The previous rules allowed the winning team to start overtime with possession if they score touchdowns. 

Two months after the Buffalo Bills’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, the rule was changed. The Chiefs scored the winning goal on the Chiefs’ first overtime drive. The Bills lost that game without even having the chance to win the ball. There were some fans who were upset because the game went back-and-forth at the end of the fourth quarter, and they felt it was unfair for the Bills to not have a chance to respond to the Cheifs’ scoring drive. 

“The rules are what they are, and I can’t complain about that ’cause if it was the other way around, we’d be celebrating too,”Josh Allen, Bills’ quarterback, spoke to the media after the match. per Bills Wire. “So, it is what it is at this point. We didn’t make enough plays tonight.”Here are some reactions of fans to the new NFL rules.   

New Rules

One person was asked: “Ok, the last rule negates the first one. Both teams will have the opportunity to poseess the ball in OT, except if the team kicking off gets a safety on the opening posession? Why does a safety hold so much power that it could negate the first rule, which needed to change?”



Another fan stated: “So everywhere I look they’re saying they change the NFL playoff overtime rules but what exactly are the f— rules that they changed?”


The Kicker

One fan wrote: “So the 13 seconds of the kc/bills game is why this came into effect? Die hard fin fan here from op my thoughts? The bills needed to play better d. That’s all i have.”


Josh Allen Factor

One person asked “Okay, so if Mahomes scores, and then Allen scores, and then Mahomes scores again, is it still because of the coin flip? Like this will not stop teams who lose from crying.”


A look back

One fan said: “If both teams gain possession and score but the next score wins, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of allowing both teams to have possession? One offense is still at a significant advantage after that.”


Figured out in College

One person wrote: “So if first team scores a touchdown and an extra point, then the other team scores a touchdown then converts a 2-pt conversion, the game is over? This means NO TEAM will ever choose to receive during OT. All the advantages are now on the 2nd to possess the ball.”


One Word

This fan wrote: “Appreciate the change, def an improvement. But wouldn’t it be cleaner to make a rule saying a full 15 minute OT quarter will be played? Both teams will get the ball in that time and it’ll bring 2 minute drill like play toward the end.”



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