NFL Coach Leaves for Domestic Battery Charges

A paid administrative leave has been granted to an NFL assistant coach while he awaits a trial date for domestic battery charges. ESPN. James Saxon of Arizona Cardinals was arrested in May on two counts for domestic battery. This included a Level 6 felony for allegedly assaulting a mother in front a child younger that 16 years. 

Kliff Kingsbury, Cardinals head coach, stated that the team was made aware of the situation at the time it occurred on Friday. “We are aware of the incident and notified the NFL as required,” The Cardinals released a statement. “The matter is currently under review pursuant to league policies. After consultation with the league office, James has been placed on paid administrative leave. We will have no further comment pending additional proceedings.”

Saxon allegedly had an argument with a Costco employee in Indianapolis on May 7th, and the fight continued at the house of the woman. Saxon could spend up to three years in prison or be fined $10,000 for the felony charges. Saxon is facing a Class A Misdemeanor and up to a year imprisonment and a $5,000 fine. Saxon was originally arrested on May 25, but he was recalled by the court on June 8. 

According to the woman Saxon pushed the woman repeatedly, one of which caused her to fall through the garage door. Saxon allegedly claimed that Saxon said the following during the interaction: “You got your gun? You might as well just shoot me now!”The woman claimed. Since 2019, Saxon (56) has been the Cardinals’ running back coach. Before joining the Cardinals in 2019, Saxon was the Cardinals running back coach. He was also a professional player and ran back for the Chiefs, Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles. 

Kingsbury announced that Kenny Bell and Donald Shumpert, the offensive assistants, will coach the running backs in Saxon’s absence. This information comes as the Cardinals get ready to face the Cincinnati Bengals in their first preseason game on Friday, August 12. “You never want distractions when you’re trying to build a team,”Kingsbury stated. “But we’ve definitely had that. Luckily, we have some great leaders. Guys who can compartmentalize things and continue to work to get better, but you’d like for them to focus on football moving forward. Hopefully, that’s the case.”


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