Next Season, a new ‘NCIS’ franchise crossover is planned

NCISIn the 2022-2023 season, there will be a crossover across all franchises. This will give fans an enormous treat. TV Insider, NCIS: LAR. Scott Gemmill, executive producers, stated that a crossover was in progress between the shows. It is expected to happen next season after all three series are on the one page.

“We’ve talked about [a crossover] a lot, and actually the studio [recently] asked me about it,”Gemmill spoke for the outlet. “It’s only a matter of logistics. If we were going to do it, we’d want to do it over all three series. Doing one crossover with one show sort of feels like you’re leaving somebody out… I’ve already talked to the other showrunners, everyone’s sort of up for it. It’s just the practicality of pulling it off is a little tricky.”

Although the franchise has seen many crossovers, the series was still anchored to the original series at the time. Los AngelesCancelled New Orleans spinoff. We have now NCIS: Hawai’i. This adds some additional challenges to production.

“It’s a little easier for us because we have a good size cast and we’re used to shuffling people out in a way for different reasons,”Gemmill also added. Steven Binder, NCIS executive producers, mentioned the issues with a crossover.

“You lose actors not just for a crossover. We lose them for the shows that we’re doing on either side of the crossover,”Binder said. “I believe it’s in the cards, just based on how well it went [with NCIS and Hawai’i]. Last season was a trial run. Hopefully this season will have greased the wheels a little more.”

Jan Nash, Hawai’i EP, echoed these sentiments. He cited how “fun”The last crossover took place between Hawai’i and the original series. “Chris Silber and Megan Bacharach wrote a wonderful episode and it ended up containing so many bits and pieces that the fans could love and that we could build on, and hopefully it won’t be the last we’ll see of any of those characters on NCIS Hawai’i,”Nash said.

TV Insider suggests that we may get a fourth member of the crossover fun. This could include a return to JAG stars Catherine Bell or David James Elliott. “I’m still really good friends with David and Catherine and talk to them all the time, and I’ve written some stuff for both of them in the last little bit, trying to get some new stuff off the ground,”Gemmill spoke for the outlet. “I think it could happen. I love working with them. It was such a treat to bring them both back and to be able to write for the same character and the same actor – for me, it was probably 20 plus years with [them]. And yeah, they’re both up for it.”


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