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Considered the most terrifying horror movie, by many, “The Exorcist”The film redefined horror, became a cultural landmark, was urged not to be seen by pregnant women, and has been an iconic cultural cultural masterpiece ever since its release. 

A flood of sequels can be avoided for very few films that are highly profitable. However, those that did succeed were many. “The Exorcist” largely fell flat (even if They did give this moment), never quite managing to come close to what made the original so great.

Based on the William Peter Blatty book of the same title, the movie centers on Regan (Linda Blair), a young girl who develops mysterious symptoms for which no doctor can provide a rational explanation. Regan’s mother, Ellen Burstyn (Ellen Burstyn), becomes increasingly disillusioned and unable to find an answer from the doctors. Regan is at her wits ends when her mother seeks out help from one of her doctors. 

The film’s core theme is the conflict between science and the unexplainable. There are many scenes in this film that will make you want to call its name. 


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