New Cash App warning after Omaha family loses $1,000 to crooks – how it happened

A FAMILY who lost $1,000 to a new Cash App scam is warning others not to make the same mistake.

Carrie Peters from Omaha fell victim to scammers who stole the money she was planning to spend on Christmas.


A family who fell victim to a Cash App scam are warning others not to do the sameCredit: Getty

In a 6 News report, Peters explained: “Yeah it’s going to hurt this Christmas because we had that money put aside for two specific things.”

She received a call from a number that she thought was her bank and realized too late that it was a scammer conducting a Cash App scam.

Cash App says it uses “advanced security features” to protect your money but scammers are always looking for new ways to trick their way through your security.

The phone call Peters received was from a scammer claiming that an unauthorized purchase had been made from her bank account.

The scammer is thought to have cloned a Wells Fargo bank number so that the victim was lulled into a false sense of security when she received the call.

Peters then received a text that claimed she had sent $1,000 through the Zelle Cash App.

She was surprised by this and texted back “STOP”.

Jim Hegarty, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau, told 6 News: “It seems the trigger that provided these crooks with the access was her responding to the text message.”

It took seconds for the scammers to then take $1,000 from Peters’ bank account.

She said she notified Well Fargo of the fraud but has not received any reimbursement yet.

The bank is said to be reviewing her claim.

Cybercriminals often conduct more scams around the festive period, when they know people are stressed and preoccupied with Christmas spending.

Always be skeptical of your bank texting or ringing you out of the blue.

It’s better to put the phone down, find the official number, and ring back to verify everything is okay with your account.

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