Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe Documentary leaves fans ‘heartbroken’

Marilyn Monroe will be remembered as an icon forever. A Netflix documentary that reveals the most personal and tragic moments of Marilyn Monroe’s rise to fame and eventual demise has been released in less than a week. Monroe was given a new rebirth with Kim Kardashian sporting two of Monroe’s most memorable looks at 2022 Met Gala. The Netflix documentary explores Monroe’s life, professional career and untimely demise. Many Netflix subscribers are shocked to discover the sad truth Monroe lived every day.

The documentary blends unheard interviews with Monroe friends and others with whom Monroe was most familiar with. The recording is by Anthony Summers who also wrote the book about Monroe. Goddess. You can see footage and photos of Monroe throughout her entire life. 

Hollywood didn’t welcome her stardom. Monroe’s sexy appearance led to many scandals. Monroe had turbulent marriages and relationships that were difficult with public figures like the Kennedy brothers. Monroe was also considered a great American. “dumb blonde,”Even though her closest friends knew that she was more than that, 

The audience gets to see Monroe at her peak career and then fall, as well as learn from her difficult past. Many people were devastated to discover the truth through social media. 

A true rags to riches

Monroe had many dreams despite her misfortunes. And, her legacy continues decades later.



Monroe was not a fan of men. They didn’t treat her the way she deserved.


A depressive movie

Monroe should be able to rest in peace, her fans want that. Many feel this documentary marred Monroe’s legacy.


A sad childhood

Monroe’s childhood wasn’t all that great. Monroe grew up without any familial ties.


Are you looking for love?

Monroe’s life with her lover was described in the documentary. Monroe was attracted to men who did not appreciate her.



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