Netflix Has Just Removed Forrest Gump’ and You’ve Got Mail’

Netflix dropped two of Tom Hanks’ most popular movies this past week — Forrest Gump You have mail. The streaming service was supposed to remove both movies on Sunday, July 31st.

Netflix publishes a bittersweet monthly list listing which movies and TV series are being added to its catalog. It also warns of which ones are dropping. These two classics were included in the July list. You can still find You have mail At the time of writing, HBO Max was available on: Forrest Gump On Paramount+. You will need to either rent or buy these movies from a digital shopfront.

For many fans Forrest GumpHanks’ most memorable role as an actor, is perhaps this. He plays a man who has an unspecified mental disability — the closest the film comes to diagnosing Forrest is to say that he has a “low I.Q.”It is a fascinating movie that you can rewatch as many viewers find the portrayal of disability offensive due to its ambiguity. Many other viewers also enjoyed it. Hanks was not the right man for the jobTo play this role, an actor with genuine disabilities could have done it just as well.

Regardless, Forrest GumpIts portrayal of American history today and its simple approach to sad stories are what make it so iconic. The film features an all-star cast, including Robin Wright and Gary Sinise, Mykelti Wilson, Sally Field, Haley Joel Osment and Sally Field.

Meanwhile, You have mailA rom-com featuring Hanks and Meg Ryan, who are rival bookstore owners in New York City. They don’t know they’re chatting anonymously on the emerging internet. Despite being at odds with their careers, they slowly fall in love. This movie is well-known for its longevity despite its outdated technological references. Maybe the hyper-specific nostalgia it inspires was a part of its longevity.


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