Netflix announces a major app update and its fans are unanimously praising it.

NETFLIX now allows users to remove shows from the “continue watching”Section of the app.

This means you can delete any half-finished programs in your queue you don’t intend to complete.


Netflix now lets you remove movies and shows from your ‘continue viewing’ section.Credit to Netflix

The new feature is out in the US and UK on Netflix’s web, mobile, and TV apps, The Verge Reports.

To remove something from your smart TV’s Carousel, simply select the card in question and hit the New button. “remove from row” option.

The same option is available on mobile apps when you tap the three vertical dot menu on the show’s card. To remove a card from your desktop, hover over it.

If you are unsure, you can quickly press the button again to reverse the action.

Fans have long pleaded for the removal of content from their continue to watch carousel.

It is displayed in your Netflix app and website feed alongside other categories like “award-winning movies”, “trending now”And “comedies”.

Although the unwatched series can be a great way to catch up on your binge-watching, it is often clogged with junk.

You can watch a single episode of a drama once and then give up, but the show can stay in your continue-watching section for several months.

Fans took to social media and hailed the new tool as a way to delete embarrassing videos from their feeds.

One user on Twitter wrote: “A button to ‘remove from continue watching’ has just appeared on my Netflix, and I swear my life is changed forever.”

Another one: “They added a remove from continue watching button on Netflix bro this s**t insane”.

Another third of the audience chimed in: “Yay. I can finally remove the temptation to continue watching what I’ve already watched a dozen times and try new content.”

This comes just weeks after Netflix in the United States announced a controversial price increase.

It is the most expensive streaming service in the country, with a $1 to $2 increase across all subscription tiers.

Netflix’s top 4K Plan has been bumped up to $20 per month from $18, while Netflix’s lowest Tier has increased by one dollar to 10

The app’s most popular and mid-range subscription tier, which costs $14 per month, has been raised to $15.50.

It is therefore more expensive than similar plans offered via HBO Max, Showtime or Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus (Amazon Prime Video), Hulu, Peacock and Paramount Plus, as well as other streaming services.

The company has increased its monthly fees six times since 2014. In October 2020, the latest change that will affect North American users was announced.

The new feature is out in the US and UK on Netflix’s web, mobile, and TV apps


The new feature is out in the US and UK on Netflix’s web, mobile, and TV appsCredit: Getty

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