National Organization for Women Blames NFL for ‘Unacceptable ‘Deshaun Watson Suspension

Deshaun Watson has been suspended for six games for his 24 civil lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct, and it has led to some strong reactions on social media. Although the NFL has until 2 days to appeal the decision or extend the suspension, one group is already taking action against the league for the temporary suspension. National Organization for Women issued a statement stating that the Cleveland Browns quarterback should be suspended for more games and he should be fined for his actions. 

“It is unacceptable, insulting, and dangerous—but not surprising—that Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson will face merely a 6-game suspension—with no fines—following an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct made by more than two dozen women,” The statement was read. “The NFL and the multi-billion-dollar sports industry have a vested interest in enabling sexual misconduct, assault, and violence.  They even wrote it into Deshaun Watson’s $230 million contract!”

Although Watson was hit with 24 lawsuits Sue Robinson, a former federal judge, handed down Watson’s suspension based only on four accusers. Pro Football Talk mentions it.. The National Organization for Women’s statement criticized Watson’s payment to the Browns knowing that he would be suspended for at most a portion of the season. 

“The NFL and the multi-billion-dollar sports industry have a vested interest in enabling sexual misconduct, assault, and violence,”The statement went on. “They even wrote it into Deshaun Watson’s $230 million contract! The Browns knew that their star recruit would be suspended for at least part of this year’s season because of his record of sex offenses, and so they restructured his contract to make the majority of his $46 million first-year payout a ‘signing bonus,’ not tied to him playing actual games.” 

The statement then reflects on Ray Rice’s situation and the way that Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, handled it. “The NFL has had a violence against women problem for years — and everyone knows it,”The statement is. “NOW was outspoken over the mishandling of the 2014 domestic violence case against Baltimore Raven Ray Rice, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has failed since then to find a consistent, independent, and trustworthy means of addressing the scourge of violence against women — and bringing abusers to justice.”While awaiting the NFL’s decision, Watson is currently training with the Browns. Watson will be eligible for his debut against the Ravens on Oct. 23 if the suspension of six games is not lifted. 

You can reach the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656 HOPE (4673) or visit if you or someone you know have been sexually assaulted.


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