Nasa shows stunning image of storm WIDER than what is brewing on Jupiter

NASA posted an amazing image on its Instagram account of two massive storms brewing in Jupiter.

This image has been liked more than one million times and shows a storm that is so big the Earth could fit within it.


Storms can become so big on Jupiter that it makes our planet look larger.NASA Credit

This amazing photo was actually taken by Nasa’s Juno spacecraft in late 2013.

Experts aren’t sure of the exact size of either storm, but they believe that the lower storm was so large it could have accommodated the Earth within it.

Nasa : “Two large rotating storms brew on Jupiter’s surface in this image captured by @NASASolarSystem Juno spacecraft’s visible-light imager, JunoCam, on Juno’s 38th pass at about 3,815 miles (6,140 km) altitude.

“Bright “pop-up”The clouds can be seen above the storm and cast shadows on the cloud bank below.

“As small as they appear in comparison to the large storm below, these clouds are typically 31 miles (50 km) across.”

Although the image is not getting enough attention on Nasa’s Instagram, it was taken on November 29th 2021 by the JunoCam.

Juno is Nasa’s farthest planetary orbiter craft.

Although it completed its first mission in 2016, the spacecraft is currently on an extended mission to photograph and observe distant planets within our Solar System.

Jupiter is quite a stormy and stormy planet. It has the Great Red Spot, a famous storm that continues for many years.

It is one the most popular features of Jupiter and spans 9,800 mile from end to end.

Earth’s diameter is approximately 8,000 miles.

Scientists keep an eye on Great Red Spot as it shrinks and they don’t know why.

Scientists puzzled by mysterious sounds coming from Jupiter’s moon

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