Nasa shows mind-boggling image showing X-rays coming out of the Sun’s surface

NASA has released a stunning image of our Sun, which appears to be sending out Xrays.

The US space agency took to its Instagram on Sunday to reveal the stunning stellar Photo, which was taken using the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array


Nasa has shared an amazing new image of our Sun, which appears to be sending out Xrays.Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/GSFC⁣

What is NuSTAR?

NuSTAR, a space-based Xray telescope, focuses on high energy Xrays from astrophysical sources.

It allows astronomers to map microflares in the Sun’s surface using a method that observes the cosmos.

The composite NuSTAR image of Nasa, which has been overlaid on another image from Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), shows multi-color Xrays that are launching from sun.

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“Observations from NuSTAR shows high-energy solar emissions of various strength in green and blue, while the SDO view highlights lower-temperature material in the solar atmosphere in red,”In its post, Nasa explained.

What do these Xray colors signify?

This image’s green color shows energies of between 2 and 3 Kiloelectron Volts (or KeV).

Meanwhile, the blue indicates points between 3 and 5 kiloelectron volts; one keV is equal to 1000 electron volts.

Nasa also pointed out that these high-energy, X-rays originate from gas heated above 3,000,000 degrees.

What is the SDO and what are its benefits?

The Solar Dynamics Observatory, a Nasa mission, has been watching the Sun from 2010 to date.

SDO is a way for astronomers to look at the Sun in an entirely different manner than NuSTAR.

SDO monitors, in particular, the “Sun’s influence on Earth and Near-Earth space by studying the solar atmosphere and magnetic field,” Nasa said.

Reactions from users

Since its launch, thousands of Instagram users liked Nasa’s photo.

“Amazement,”One user stated.

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“We love you Nasa,”A second person can be added.

“Omg, very very gorgeous,”A third Instagrammer declared.


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