Naomi Judd’s 34-year-old Spouse Recalls Her Story About Her Generosity in Her Final Days

Despite her sad passing, Naomi Judd, country music legend, was blessed with a happy husband, who still cherishes the sweet memories she made even during her final days.

The world was privileged to witness spectacular music from a former struggling mom who formed a family-oriented-country-music band, “The Judds,”In the 1980s.

Many marvelled at the skillful singing of Naomi Judd’s eldest daughter Wynonna and her well-balanced lyrics, accompanied by rhythmic tunes, to their fans. 

Naomi Judd poses with Larry Strickland in 2005 Los Angeles, California. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Naomi’s music was gaining popularity, which led to a major shift in her love life. Naomi went from being a single mom of two to being one of the industry’s most powerful couples with Larry Strickland. Larry was her husband for thirty-three years.

They shared many similarities which made them irresistible. They were both singers, and they had a lot in common, including large families with blue collar jobs.

The duo were married nearly a decade later than they met. Naomi died just weeks after the couple had shared their vows. Source: Getty Images

Naomi Judd during Naomi Judd Book Signing: “Naomi’s Guide to Aging Gratefully” at Barnes & Noble in Freehold, New Jersey, United States. | Source: Getty Images

These two were a loving and committed couple until their deaths. They lived a normal life, enjoying the simple things in life without feeling overwhelmed by the fame and wealth that they enjoyed. It was enough.

Naomi joked about their separate bathrooms in 2013, as she addressed the secrets of their strong bond. She eventually admitted that they were better off because of their simplicity. In her Words

“We are so normal. Right now he’s out on a Bush Hog on the farm and the big excitement is he found a rattler last week. That’s how we live.”


Larry Strickland and Naomi Judd in the Naomi Judd, Brandi Glanville, Dinner Parties episode on MY KITCHEN ROLES, airing Thursday, January 19 (9:01-10:00 ET/PT) on FOX Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Larry Strickland comes from a religious family. His father was a preacher. As he grew up, he discovered gospel music, which has been a major part of his musical life.

At a young age, he began Touring with gospel quartets. In 1974, the legendary JD Sumner and the “Stamps Quartet”Recognizing his talent, they invited him to join them and he began making music alongside Elvis Presley.

Strickland, who was still a member of the Presley family after his death, maintained his status as a member of the “Stamps Quartet.”He still performs with them, and has not given up his love for gospel music.

Larry Strickland. MY KITCHEN RULES premieres at 9:01 – 10:00 PM ET/PT on FOX. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Apart from singing, Strickland contributed immensely to his wife’s progress as a singer and family by showing concern and support whenever she needed him the most.

When Naomi began to feel depressed, he was heartbroken but Opt to get her professional help. Strickland didn’t initially know the severity of his condition, but his wife did. She understood it well enough to keep it from him.

Naomi was shocked to learn about her diagnosis and prognosis at the psychologist’s offices.

Naomi Judd and Larry Strickland pose for a photograph in Los Angeles, California in 2005. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Strickland started to weep immediately he heard about the details of his wife’s affair. He confessed that he was in oblivion.

He did not dwell on this secrecy. Instead, he decided to serve as a shield to his wife, who was depressed, and made the most of it. “The Judds” singer regret her actions.

Larry Strickland and Naomi Judd at The 32nd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards- Arrivals and Pressroom, Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, California, United States. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Naomi said that her husband is a perfect man and does not need to remain in the dark. According to her:

“Larry is an extremely quiet man— what every woman wants, all man…He’s hard-working, honest and at that church every time the doors are open…I realized it was not right for me to try to shield him.”


Naomi Judd, April 3, 2011, Las Vegas, NV at the Academy of Country Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Naomi’s suicide, and her mental illness, was a devastating experience for her family, which included her husband Wynonna and her two daughters Ashley.

However, her surviving relatives continue to remember her for the kind-hearted woman that she was and all the values she represented.

Strickland shared an emotional tribute during his first public appearance after his wife’s death (The Naomi Judd: A River of Time Celebration— memorial service).

Greg Hill of Hill Entertainment Group and Wynonna Judd and Naomi Judd join Larry Strickland at The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Nashville, Tennessee, August 8, 2018. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Naomi’s widower shared the message that he received from someone who met his wife on a plane.

The writer spoke highly of their conversation, and added that the singer was kind enough to share details about her husband with them.

Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

Strickland was highly praised by the person who ended up confirming his wife’s love for him. The email was intended to aid the singer of gospel through the grief. It worked, and Strickland was able to recover.  after reading the email:

“I was really scared to death about her flying all the way along home from Vienna back to Nashville because I knew how fragile she was. This email was such a relief and comfort to me.”


Wynonna Judd (with Tony King as her fiance and Naomi Judd as husband Larry Strickland). Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Naomi was 76 when Naomi decided to take her own life. Despite the admiration and love from her family and fans, Naomi’s mental illness was too deep and she told a convincing lie.

Her daughter, Ashley, Detailed explanation that the songstress used a firearm in the suicide act and that she was “seen and heard in her anguish.”

The singer’s youngest daughter, Wynonna, was devastated and teamed up with Wynonna to accept the honor of her mother being inducted into Country Music Hall of Fame.

Wynonna Judd and Ashley Judd were inductees at the class of 2021 Medallion Ceremony at Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, May 1, 2022, Nashville, Tennessee. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Wynonna and Naomi would have been on stage together that day. However, it was twenty-four hour before the award ceremony, when the other half of the nominees were announced. “The Judds” took her life.

Inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame admitted feeling broken and blessed, while also stating that her mother was absent at such an important milestone. 

Apart from planning her death, Naomi also planned her funeral. Naomi had everything written out in black-and-white: a service that featured gospel music and would allow family members to speak in an orderly fashion.

Wynonna Judd performs live onstage at CMT and Sandbox Live. “Naomi Judd: A River Of Time Celebration”Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee on May 15, 2022 Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Her brother Mark took to the stage first, before Naomi. Ashley revealed later that it was Naomi who insisted on the stage. She :

“This is very much the service she wanted. She had it all written down, and so she took the guesswork out of it for us, which we thank her for.”

Naomi Judd, The Judds, attends the 2022 CMT Music Awards in Nashville Municipal Auditorium on Tuesday April 11, 2022 in Nashville. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Friends, family and fans also honored the icon by paying tribute to her work and memories. This was done two week after her death at The “Naomi Judd: A River of Time Celebration.”

The memorial service was held at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. Numerous celebrities attended, including Morgan Freeman and Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Salma Hayek.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 1-800-273-8255. You can also find international suicide helplines at 


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