Nanny Faye Is Hosting A Very Chrisley Christmas?!

Julie deadpanned that the one time she decided to only use artificial trees, her children were in shock. “I said, ‘You know, I’m not going to mess with a real tree. They’re messy and you constantly have to keep vacuuming,'” Julie explained. “I thought they were going to need therapy at one point.” 

This year, the Growing Up Chrisley stars know home is where the heart is. “We did, several years ago, an amazing trip to Paris over Christmas. Todd planned this trip and it was so beautifully done. It was amazing,” Julie noted. “But our children really missed being home for Christmas, and so we’re going to be home and I’m OK with that. 2021 has been a crazy year and I’m OK just to be at home, enjoy my children, enjoy my grandchildren and be able to just be here and be present.” 

A Very Chrisley Christmas airs Wednesday, Dec. 15 at 9:30 p.m. on NBC. New episodes of Chrisley Knows Best air Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on USA Network. 

(E!, NBC and USA Network are all part of the NBCUniversal family.)


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