Mykelti Brown padron uses Avalon To Make the Bucks

Mykelti Brown Padron is the proud mother of a beautiful little girl with Tony Padron. Avalon Asa is almost one year old and she loves sharing photos. Avalon Asa’s growth and milestones are cherished by her fans. However, Mykelti could be using Avalon as a monetary benefit.

Mykelti Brown Padron – From Teenager to Mama Bear

Mykelti was only 14 years old when she met fans. She lives in Utah, with her multi-generational family. As one of Christine Brown’s six children, she had a lot of responsibilities since she was older. Tony Padron, her big dream was to work in fashion. Mykelti fell for the banker in 2015. He asked her parents to marry him the next summer. Christine knew they couldn’t stop Kody, even though Kody initially resisted. They were engaged when they got married in December that year. Tony’s fans were not always big on him because they didn’t believe he was worthy of Mykelti.

At one point, he decided to quit his job to be able work remotely and play video games. Mykelti joined the MLM industry, which her mother had been involved in. Tony and she revealed to each other via video chat that they were expecting their first child in late 2020. It was featured in Season 16 of Sister WivesIt was also the gender reveal in person and baby shower. Christine was by her side when she welcomed Avalon Asa to the world in April 2021. Now that Christine has left Kody and Flagstaff behind for Utah, she is there to share in Avalon’s big moments. Yet it seems Mykelti might be using her baby’s cuteness for her own monetary benefit.

Mom To MLM

Mykelti Brown Pavdron has witnessed Janelle, Meri, as well as Christine, become extremely successful in MLMs. Mykelti was inspired by Meri and Christine’s success with LuLaRoe. Christine also joined Janelle and Maddie Brush to promote Plexus. Mykelti teamed up with them and posted about her reasons for joining the company. She decided to add Avalon to the mix. She has recently been Post a photoAs her baby girl reached for the mix, she was holding Avalon and the drink mixes. She clearly didn’t promote the supplement to her child.

Mykelti Credit: Mykelti Padron IG

Yes, the image of a young mom holding her baby may appeal to other followers. Plus, Avalon is absolutely adorable but shouldn’t the product sell itself? The photo has already been liked over 18,000. However, the comments have been removed. Do you think it’s appropriate for Mykelti to use her baby to sell products? Comment below.

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