My smart hack is a travel expert. It will cut down the time it takes to wait for your luggage at airport arrivals

A TRAVEL expert revealed a way to make sure that your plane sails out of the airport.

Thomas Lo Sciuto insists that one way to speed baggage collection is to be among the last to check in.


An expert traveler revealed a way to make sure that your plane sails out of the airport.Credit: Getty

A US airport gate agent and ramp worker said that it meant bags were loaded last.

They are the first to arrive at their destination airport.

You can also get a free gift! “fragile”You can pick up a sticker at the airport to stick on your bags.

These stickers are often found on luggage that is not checked in. This means they will be the first to the belt.

But if you’re going to tag your luggage, make sure to leave one thing off – your address.

Opportunistic thieves may find out that you aren’t at home and attempt to rob the property.

App TripIt allows passengers to plan their journey to the airport by allowing them to check in last-minute.

This allows them to check the size of security queues before they can even go to departures.

This comes after holidaymakers were faced with delays of eight hours and hundreds of trips were cancelled over text.

Passengers compared Bristol Airport to a “zoo” this weekend while those in Manchester reportedly waited four hours for a pilot to show up.

Another travel tip is a mom’s method of keeping her toddlers entertained in the car.

TikTok fans heard Autumn tell them: “An easy way to avoid road trip meltdowns is by bringing a shower caddy, some markers and some toys.”

An iPhone expert shared a useful tip to increase signal strength if you have trouble making calls.

Pros suggested Monday in a video that users toggle airplane mode on/off to improve their connection.


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