“My parents won’t accept that I am engaged, as I was the one who proposed,”

A woman who proposed to her fiancé has sought advice after her parents refused to recognise their engagement, continuing to refer to her husband-to-be as her ‘boyfriend’

She was annoyed at her parents’ response (stock image)

It’s 2022 and people are more accepting of how happy couples get engaged.

Although heterosexual relationships still require a man to kneel, few people will judge a woman who takes the initiative and pops the question.

Every marriage is unique and every couple will be different.

One bride-to-be is however left with very old-fashioned opinions on this subject, her parents refusing to acknowledge the fact that she will be getting married.

She wants her family involved in the wedding planning process (stock photo).


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Take to Reddit’s advice forumReddit user u/strawberryzoupShe revealed that her parents were not happy with her proposal to her future husband.

The fed up woman, who proposed back to her husband in September, shared how her mother was initially’very excited” when her brother, who had already tied the knot earlier this summer, announced her engagement.

The mother who was initially thrilled by the idea of being involved in the planning process was left feeling’really hurt’ when her daughter in law refused to include her.

The woman is now eager for her mother’s excitement about the wedding. She also longs for her to make a Pinterest board, just like she did for her daughter-in law.

However, it is far from reality.

The woman proposed (stock photo).


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The poster’s father also isn’t showing much enthusiasm ahead of the big day and has even told her fiancé that he won’t approve of it unless he proposes now effectively “forcing him to propose for approval”.

The sad lovebird wrote: “This is not as happy as I wanted it to be. In fact, they have been calling him my boyfriend still and they’re shocked that we’re going to look at a venue together on Sunday. They’re now upset because my sister in law doesn’t want them to be a part of the baby shower either and that my SIL asked only me to plan it.

“This seems easy to me. Just be excited for my wedding, because I want the help they are so desperate to give my brother and his wife when they don’t want it”.

Reddit users have responded sympathetically to the difficult situation, offering differing pearls of wisdom as to what this disheartened woman should do next.

One person advised the bride to ‘educate them’, explaining: “They don’t consider you equal to a man”.

While another urged her to ‘put your big girl panties on’ remarking: “You don’t have to be the one being scolded anymore”.

A third commenter cautioned that it was “critically important that your fiancé NOT bow to the pressure to stage a fake proposal or ask for approval”, warning, “If he does not knuckle under, it will be the first of many decisions and actions your parents will try to dictate to you in years to follow.

What would you recommend a woman do? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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