My mother was denied water during a nine-hour TUI flight.

A WOMAN claims that her disabled mother was not allowed to drink water after she flew nine hours with TUI.

Natalie Williams, 49 years old, was unable take essential medication due to lack of fluids. Staff on board blamed Covid.


After being denied water, Ellie Fisher and Natalie Williams claim that their flight was destroyed.Credit: SWNS
The pair had been flying to the Dominican Republic


The couple had been flying to Dominican Republic.Credit: SWNS

Ellie Fisher, Ellie’s 23-year-old daughter, was furious at the poor excuse and treatment she received and claimed it had ruined her once-in-a lifetime trip to the Caribbean.

They only found out about the strict coronavirus protocols of the airline half an hour before their flight to Dominican Republic.

TUI informed passengers shortly after takeoff that they would only serve drinks once because of the pandemic.

A cup of water or juice was offered to holidaymakers along with their scheduled meal. However, no other refreshments were provided.

Ellie was furious that there was no pre-warning on the TUI website or elsewhere during the booking process.

They would have been better prepared if they had known that Natalie requires regular medication every day.

Even though she explained that she needed to take pills, the cabin crew refused to allow her to board.

Ellie, from Kingston upon Thames (Surrey), said that they were excited to finally get away after all the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

“But they said that they wouldn’t serve drinks after the mealtime because of the risk to spread Covid.

“No one had ever told us this before so we didn’t think to get any water at the airport once we got through security.

“Mum must take medication on a regular basis so this was obviously stressful. But I never thought it would become such a problem.

We politely asked for water to help her swallow her medication. She rudely said no and that she would have to wait until we landed.

“It was a nine-hour flight and it made my mum extremely anxious and uncomfortable.”


She said, “The staff’s actions were inhumane. I don’t understand why they would make an exception to the rule in such circumstances.”

“The consequences could have been dire.”

Natalie and Ellie, who claim they had one drink during their flight, arrived at their destination thirsty on January 11.

The rules were still in effect when they returned to the UK seven days later. However, they had a good idea of what to expect this time and prepared with water bottles each.

TUI’s website informs customers that long-haul passengers receive water cups on their tray and water is available between meals.

A spokesperson from TUI Airlines said: “We’re aware of these claims and we take reports of this nature seriously.

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“We continue to investigate the claims as we have not found any record of this incident.

“We are in contact with the customer and will continue to offer our full support.”

Natalie, 49, was left unable to take vital medication


Natalie, 49, couldn’t take essential medication.Credit: SWNS
Ellie said the consequences could have been 'dire'


Ellie claimed that the consequences could be ‘dire’Credit: SWNS


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