‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Fans Urge Musa To DUMP Ontreon Shannon

On tonight’s episode, My 600-Lb. My 600-Lb. Ontreon Shannon is introduced to viewers and his lovely wife Musa. Chatter RedditMusa is loved by many fans who admit to falling in love with him immediately. Even Dr. Now recognizes the blessing of having such a supportive wife. Musa clearly read the information Dr. Now had sent and understood his diet. She tried to help her husband get back on track.

Warning: Contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. My 600-Lb.. 


My 600-Lb. Life fans love Musa

Fan chatter Reddit And FacebookFans describe Musa using every word in the book. One fan pointed out how “fine af” Ontreon Shannon’s wife was in that red dress. My 600-Lb. My 600-Lb. Fans agreed that he was extremely lucky to have such an amazing and supportive wife. Fans were however critical of his apparent use of the language barrier between himself and his wife quite a bit.

Both Dr. Now, and Musa agreed with both his fans that Musa was willingly willing to go the extra mile to help her husband lose weight. She was willing to do this even though she didn’t believe he would lose the weight. According to Musa, he has had tons of opportunities to lose weight… He’s always let her down.

‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Fans Urge Musa To DUMP Ontreon Shannon

Fans wish she would abandon Shannon and Ontreon Shannon

My 600-Lb. My 600-Lb. fans are horrified at the way Ontreon Shannon holds on to his wife’s neck and shoulders for support to walk around. He uses her as a substitute for a walker or cane. She must be strong enough to keep up with her husband’s weight and still move. Likewise, fans took awe in watching Musa support and pull her husband up off of Dr. Paradise’s couch after his appointment.

On RedditMusa is being urged by fans to leave her husband. Others suggested she leave her husband and go to work with a personal trainer who smokes. Musa deserved better than Ontreon Shannon could offer her, according to fans. They are hopeful that she will choose someone who will treat her well after she leaves Shannon.

‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Are Ontreon Shannon & Musa Still Together?

We reported previously that Musa still lives with Ontreon Shannon, despite fans’ wishes.

‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Fans Urge Musa To DUMP Ontreon Shannon

My 600-Lb. My 600-Lb. Season 10, Episode 11 featuring Ontreon Shannon’s story airs tonight only on TLC. The streaming library allows viewers with Discovery+ accounts to view the episode earlier. Also, you can access past episodes of Season 10 via the streaming library. Discovery+.

‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Fans Urge Musa To DUMP Ontreon Shannon
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