Mulholland Drive closed down following pursuit crash



Mulholland Drive was closed in both directions in Hollywood Hills Tuesday night following a crash involving a driver involved in a high-speed pursuit.

The accident occurred at 9:50 p.m. Mulholland Drive. Law enforcement was led by the driver on a long chase through San Fernando Valley and high speeds on 101 Freeway.

Los Angeles police reported that the vehicle was stolen and led to the pursuit.

The driver lost control of his vehicle after it made a sharp turn and was followed closely by a law enforcement vehicle.

The vehicle was thrown off the road and became too damaged or stuck to drive.

The officers on the scene spent over an hour trying and convincing the driver to surrender.

Due to the collision, the roadway was closed in both directions. SWAT team arrived at the scene and the driver refused to comply with police orders to get out of the car.

Sky5 video showed members of SWAT team using tear gas inside the vehicle. Shortly thereafter, a second and a third canister were placed inside the vehicle. The driver remained in the vehicle.

SWAT members then entered the vehicle and started breaking the windows.

Finally, the driver was removed from the vehicle. It appeared that he was unconscious. They were taken into custody, and they were later transported from the scene in an unspecified medical condition.


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