Mrs Hinch fans share tricks to remove stubborn yellow stains from your pillows

A Mrs Hinch fan took to facebook to ask for advice on how to remove yellow stains from your pillows as she said no matter how many times she washes them she can’t get them to come up white again

No one wants stained pillows

Have you ever taken your pillowcase off to find a yellow stain?

Those yellow spots are most often caused by sweat. You may not realise there’s any sweating going on during sleep or rest, but it still happens.

Your head and face are resting against the surface of the pillow for hours on end, so it’s inevitable that you’re going to sweat.

This then travels through the pillowcase to the pillow, leaving those yellow stains you might see.

But sweat isn’t the only cause of the marks.

“Other sources of moisture such as going to bed with wet hair or drooling throughout the night also contribute,” says Vision Linens.

Sweat is one of the causes of yellow stains


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“Chemicals such as hair products, makeup and other types of skin products can also pillow discolouration.

“Natural oil from your skin can also cause yellowing over the long run, although this process is often sped along if you go to bed after applying skin products such as skin cream.”

One woman who was eager to clean her pillow took to Facebook to ask for advice.

She made her plea for help in a Mrs Hinch group where she said she can’t get them to come up white again.

She said: “Hey everyone! I’m looking for some advice if possible. My husband’s pillowcase is always going yellow!

“We wash them weekly but I cannot get them white again!

“Do you have any tips or do I need to buy darker pillowcases for my sanity?”

Group members were quick to share their tips, tricks and advice in the comments in the hopes of fixing the woman’s problem.

One genius suggestion was to put the pillow in the washing machine with a dishwasher tab.

Another person said: “Soak in bicarb and washing up liquid or spray with elbow grease before washing.”

While a third commented: “Soak in Milton, soda crystals and Napisan for a couple of hours. Spray Vanish on just before you put it in the washing machine.

“Then wash as normal. Worked a treat for me last week!”

While someone else added: “Honestly spray with elbow grease all over, put in the machine with normal washing liquid on a 40 degree comes up like new.

“I’ve recently done all my pillows, and honestly wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.”

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