Mouch’s best storyline on Chicago Fire

“One Chicago”Plouch is a favorite of fans. Season 2 of “Chicago Fire,”Mouch meets Trudy Platet (Amy Morton), a desk sergeant “Chicago P.D.”The met-cute was the beginning of one of most well-known and successful relationships. “Chicago Fire,”The list goes on and on. Only lasting One Chicago crossover coupleThis is the historical point of Dick Wolf’s beloved franchise.

Since “Chicago P.D.”Platt, who was introduced in 2014, has manned a desk at Chicago’s 21st District Police Department. She is a nearly constant presence on the crime procedural. Platt is a thoughtful person but she also has a sarcastic streak. This makes her a great foil to the kind-hearted Mouch.

In the end, they are there for each other in hard times. In Season 5 of, Platt is sent to the hospital after an explosion. “Chicago P.D.,”Mouch rushes to her rescue. Plouch is also loved by fans for their long-lasting love. There are other romances in the “One Chicago”Universe burns fast and hard or is endlessly complex like “Chicago P.D.” couple Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), aka Burzek (via NBC). Plouch, meanwhile, are a dependable unit.

In a RedditAccording to a fan poll, 26% favored more Platt-Mouch screen time. Plouch may not be the most striking actor. “One Chicago,”But they bring humor and levity back to the sometimes dark franchise. Redditor u/CSMom74Chimed in. “I’m going with Trudy/Mouch because they’re both funny.”


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