Mother of 3 Gets Kicked Out & Moves to Late Granny’s House, Checks Mailbox & Realizes She’s Rich – Story of the Day

Christine only had one option when her husband left her without a home for her and her children. There was something more.

Although it wasn’t ideal, it was the perfect day to travel to the country. It was middle of summer and the road to Wimberley went lazily through fields filled with yellow, pink, green.

Christine couldn’t recall the exact location. She only remembered that it hadn’t changed.

“Alex, Joy, Fiona, wake up! That’s the house.”

The abandoned house was located in the middle a small circle of wildflowers and unruly grass.

“This is only for a few days, kids,”Christine was more concerned with her own comfort than the children.

The kids were already running to the house. Alex, seven-year-old, was cleaning his sleeves as he tried to see inside.

Joy, a 5-year-old girl, and Fiona (a 3-year-old girl) were trying to find tiny wildflowers in the bushes.

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Christine looked at them with apologetic eye. “Maybe I could have adjusted some more with Harold. Maybe my kids would still be living in their clean and comfortable house. Instead of here in the middle of nowhere.”

Christine knew in her heart that she had done the right things. While nine years of marriage might seem long, it was not enough time to resolve every major marital problem.

You must be financially independent, no matter how much your partner loves you.

Harold was already a successful businessman when she married Harold. He had big goals and Christine fell in love his passion and outspokenness. Unknowingly, she would find out that Harold would risk his marriage and the livelihood of others one year after they were married.

When she found out about Harold’s gambling addiction, she felt shocked and cheated. Christine stepped in when Harold was close to losing all his business assets to his gambling addiction. Although she was not a businesswoman, her family was wealthy. To save the company, she gave her entire inheritance.

Maxwell Media would be gone years ago without her.

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Christine discovered that Joy’s husband was a new drinker shortly after Joy was born. She was adamant that baby Joy would be awakened by loud parties and drinking conversations.

Christine confronted Harold severally about his addictions. He shrugged him off as ‘hormonal or demanding’.

Christine thought things would change after the birth of their third baby. Harold seemed happier at first, and it was less often that Harold went to parties. She soon discovered the true reason for her happiness: Harold was having an affair.

This was the final straw. Christine was adamant that she loved Harold after all the pain he put her through.

Harold was not even willing to confess when she confronted them about their affair.

“Why am I still in this marriage if I am unloved? After I gave you three children…”

“Good question,”Harold retorted, raising his voice. “Why should you be in this marriage? Why should you be in this home if you are unloved? You know what? Pack your things and leave!”

“How can you say that?”

“Oh, I mean it. You are asking me to change, but the truth is you cannot live without my wealth. I know you have no money or property left. So leave. And take your three ‘beautiful children’ with you. Let me see how you survive.”

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Christine felt almost helpless after Harold kicked her, and the innocent kids out, with such reckless abandon. Christine took what was left of Harold and drove straight to the place she could afford to remain.

This was the last inheritance left by her grandmother.

Christine walked through the rooms in the abandoned home, which were riddled with cobwebs and rusty fixtures.

“This is just like a haunted house,”Alex said it to her from the garden.

Christine wanted to know if the window in the kitchen still opens. It did! The whole house was transformed by the crackling of the window. It was as if a burst light and warmth had entered the house, like a sweet vapor of nostalgia.

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Christine was always reminded of her grandmother every time she looked.

The mailbox was visible through her window. She used the mailbox as a way to greet neighbors and passers-by every morning with her grandmother.

Christine went along with her urge to walk up to the mailbox once again. She reached for the slot and inserted her hand. She didn’t know this would be the trigger that led her to her most important inheritance.

Christine was reminded by a distinctive red mark that it was an old iron key.

Christine walked into the bedroom, and she pulled the bed off the wall. The hidden safe, which no one knew about, was there!

“It would be fun to find any of grandma’s old love letters or recipes here,”She thought.

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Although it was hard work, the safe entrance finally opened. Christine wasn’t prepared for what she saw.

The safe was filled with jewelry blocks, ornaments, and precious stones. Christine gasped in amazement as she pulled out pieces one after another, almost as though the safe was a treasure trove.

Christine was attracted to one piece. It was the huge pendant her grandmother wore. It was actually the only piece of jewelry Christine ever saw her grandmother wear. It was amazing to discover that she owned a treasure chest filled with it.

Christine expected to find a photo of her grandparents inside the pendant when she opened it. On one side, however, was a photograph of Christine. She found an inscription on the other side that said, ‘For my sweet Christine. This too shall pass.

Christine felt as if her grandmother had spoken to her, and that she was her grandmother. These were the most kind and wise words she’d heard in a long time.

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She took a few deep breathes and then turned her attention to her children. Alex, Joy, Fiona, and Joy were still playing in their garden. Their future looked brighter and happier as the sun reflected off their faces.

What can we learn from this tale?

  • You must be financially independent, no matter how much your partner loves you.Christine left her entire inheritance to her husband. She and her kids would have been in serious financial trouble if they hadn’t lost the last part of the estate she had.
  • Do not mistake kindness for weakness.Harold believed Christine could not survive without him. This excuse was used by Harold to keep him from quitting his vices. Christine was able to take care of herself and her children. Christine had only chosen to remain in the marriage because she was kind and loved.

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