Mother hits back at the trolls, who suggested that seven-month-old twins need to be on a diet

TikTok trolls suggested to a mother that her twins, aged seven months, should be on a diet.

Alexis LaRue, The Mejia Family (@themejiafamily_) has dedicated the TikTok account to her adorable twin girls. According to The SunThe babies are 20lbs (9.07kg) and weigh approximately 4lbs more each than the US’s average for baby girl weight. Some people inundated the mum with harsh comments.

In one Clip viralThe video has been viewed 12.7 million times. One user commented rudely: “they don’t need snacks.”

Alexis responded by saying, “Imagine telling a seven-month-old baby that they need to watch what they eat.

“That’s crazy. I could never.”

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TikTok users from all walks of the globe flocked to the video to support the mother-of-two and shut down any criticisms.

One thing is certain: “Imagine body shaming a TODDLER. Some of y’all need help and it shows.”

“Honestly twins aren’t usually this healthy and big,”Another added. “She’s doing amazing and so are they.”

“Babies NEED a lot of extra fat because illness can be fatal and they need it to live,”One user suggested “Their proportions will change as they age!”

In a Separate videoAlexis made a joke about the post earlier in the year. “Everybody wants to know to know if I’m just tiny… or my babies are huge”She is seen struggling to keep both her children in one arm, and it is obvious that she isn’t able to do so.

Again, the comments began to roll in with one statement. “Their total weight combined has got to be more than the mum’s”Others accused the mother of making the twins appear bigger by photohopping them.

Alexis followed up on this with an Video explanation, “For quick reference, I’m 115lbs (52kg) and about 5”3 (160cm),” she said. “If I knew how to edit my babies this good then I’d probably have a career in film or editing. I would not be living in an apartment.”

“Your babies are healthy and loved,”One TikTok user commented. “I feel bad for these keyboard cowards with their miserable lives.”

Another added: “Your babies are beautiful. Ignore the idiots.”


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