Most vicious dog attacks on pets are directed at families.

Dog attacks have increased dramatically in recent years, leaving many people with life-altering injuries and being declared dead.

Many animal lovers have been tragically killed in horrific maulings. In some cases their lives may have been spared, but they still suffered terrible consequences.

Adults are left with scarlet marks and needing to have their faces transplanted. “monster”They are known for their sudden changes in appearance.

Keven Jones, a 62 year old North Wales man, was tragically killed by Cookie, his American Bully-type pet. He died from cardiac arrest last week.

It was also reported that Olivia Grace Floyd was murdered by her grandparents in the US.

Olivia Grace (left), tragically was killed by a Rottweiler

Penny Lee Bashlor (64), and Stephen Kachmar (60), were recently indicted after the 120-pound Rottweiler bit their granddaughter in January.

Six people have been killed in UK dog attacks this year, as opposed to five in 2018 and two in 2020.

The UK bans pit bull terriers as well as Japanese tosas and dogos Argentinos.

The Daily Star listed some of the most horrendous dog attack cases in the world.

The nose of a hairdresser was ripped off

Ashley Unger was left with PTSD after she was attacked by a client's dog
Ashley Unger was left suffering from PTSD after being attacked by a client’s pet dog.

Ashley Unger said that she was left with PTSD following a nightmare attack in which her client’s dog ripped her nose.

The hairdresser stated that all she could see was her bones, as Pitbull had targeted her client while she tried to leave her home.

Moments before the attack, the 31 year-old enjoyed the company of the dog and even cuddled it.

She shared this with The Mirror: “As I was about to leave through the front door, the dog started running from the kitchen so I crouched to stop him from going outside.

“I didn’t touch him. He was just a foot from me. Then, I heard my worst nightmare.

“The next thing I know, my nose is hanging off and I was holding my face together. It was the worst pain I’d ever been in.”

Boy need zimmer frame

John was hospitalised with nightmare injuries
John was admitted to hospital with nightmare injuries

Do you have nightmare injuries due to a dog attack on your pet? Share your story at [email protected]

John Henry Dundas (10) was left in a wheelchair and zimmer frame following an attack by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier on October 2020.

John, from Doncaster in South Yorkshire, was having a lot of fun at his friend’s house when the dog bit his leg and pulled chunks from his skin.

“It looked like he had been bitten by a shark,” his mum Natasha Dundas told the Daily Star.

“They can’t tell us when he will be back to himself again.”

Woman receives partial face transplant

Isabelle was asleep when she was attacked by her dog
Isabelle was asleep when her dog attacked her.

Isabelle Dinoire, 49 years old, was awarded a partial face-lift after being attacked by her pet dog May 2005.

After she had taken too many sleeping pills, her Labrador retriever crossbreed attempted to wake her up.

According to The Sun, the canine found its French owner unconscious, and pulled her face away in an attempt to wake her up.

The severity of her injuries meant that doctors were unable to perform routine face reconstructions and recommended a pioneering face-transplant instead.

Unfortunately, she died from two forms of cancer.

Toddler is permanently disfigured, and was labelled “monster”

Ryder has been picked on in the playground
Ryder was picked on at the playground

Ryder Wells was 21 months old when two Rottweilers attacked him on a Thanksgiving trip.

The attack occurred in 2014 while the boy was visiting a friend of his family. His mother stated that she was worried he wouldn’t survive.

After he had lost his right cheek, his bottom eyelid, and 75 percent of his lips, he needed 50 surgeries to rebuild his face.

Poor little boy suffered a puncture at his right lunch, a broken arm, and his teeth were crushed.

Brittany, his mum, revealed in a recent interview that strangers have made negative comments about him. She also said that he was called a “fool” by some people. “monster”Playground

Reattaching lips for woman is necessary

Georgia was injured in a random dog attack while putting the bins out
Georgia was attacked by a dog while she was putting out the bins.

Georgia Wilson-Wheeler was 18 years old and was carrying her bins out when an aggressive Staffordshire Bull Terrier attacked.

Cheryl Wilson, her mum, said that she required 25 stitches to reattach the lip following the March incident.

She said: “When she went outside, she noticed that there was a dog sniffing around the bins, and she quickly shooed it away. The dog lunged at her when she tried to pick up rubbish from the floor.

Georgia needed 25 stitches
Georgia required 25 stitches

“Georgia ran into the house screaming and bleeding everywhere.

“Thankfully I’ve had first aid training so I remained calm and got her some towels to cover her wound to reduce the bleeding.”

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