Morgan Wallen’s Grand Ole Opry Performance under Scrutiny in Wake of Scandals

Morgan Wallen surprised many by surprising them at the Grand Ole Opry Saturday. Many in the country music world saw it as Wallen’s return to the scene after his racial slur scandal. Wallen, 28 years old, was at first a pariah within the country music community. TMZPublished Jan. 31, 2021 video in which he used the n-word while walking along with friends in Nashville, Tennessee. Although his music was removed from country music radio, and he was prohibited from accepting awards, the controversy did not slow down his sales. He was back on the radio in August.

His performance at Grand Ole Opry along with ERNEST To sing “Flower Shops”The Opry’s importance in country music was seen as another step towards his welcoming back. Fans and country music artists were quick to criticize Opry’s welcoming back of him. Many pointed out a 2020 Opry post that stated racism had been declared. “no place at the Grand Ole Opry.”

It was February 2021. TMZWallen used the n-word in a video he had filmed just a few days prior to being published. Wallen offered an apology and several radio broadcasters removed Wallen’s music from their playlists. CMT and Country Music Association removed his performances, while his record label Big Loud suspended him indefinitely. His music was also removed from contention at numerous awards shows.

Joy Oladokun attacks Wallen’s “thoughtless redemption tour”

Wallen was born July 20, 2021 Good Morning AmericaTo apologize again, even though his comments were also criticized. “I was around some of my friends, and we say dumb stuff together,” Wallen said. “And it was – in our minds, it’s playful … that sounds ignorant, but it – that’s really where it came from … and it’s wrong.”The singer claimed that he did not use the racial slur “frequently”And when he did say it, he said it only around a “certain”group of friends.


Jason Isbell replies

Wallen’s music was still selling well despite the controversy. In collaboration with Billboard, MRC Data Wallen’s Dangerous: The double album The album was also the top-selling in the country, and it was also the most downloaded across all genres. In 2021, the record accumulated 3.2 million album equivalent units. When Wallen issued “Sand in My Boots”The song was first played on radio as a single in August.


Brandi Carlile supports Joy Oladokun

The Opry posted a Jan. 8 photo from Wallen’s performance in ERNEST. The Opry has quickly made it a platform for criticism, with many commenting on the performance. The Opry’s tweet on June 9, 2020 calling racism “unacceptable”At the venue “Racism is real. It is unacceptable. And it has no place at the Grand Ole Opry,”The statement was read. The Opry has not yet commented on the backlash.


The Opry must give answers to the Black Opry founder

Holly G, a writer, told the Associated PressIn contact with the Opry’s talent department, she suggested a show to celebrate Black History Month. Black Opry. Holly G started the Black Opry last summer to celebrate Black artists. After hearing about Wallen’s performance, Holly G wrote an Opry letter.


Allison Russell comments about how bigotry is permeating the mainstream country.

“They have figured out they can invite a few Black performers to the stage and give them debuts and that will quiet or calm people down for a little bit,”Holly G shared the following: AP Monday “But if you look at the structural setup for the institution, nothing has changed. They have two Black members over the entire history of the institution.”


One fan wrote that he had never been dissatisfied by the Opry.

Charles Hughes, Rhodes College Professor and Author of Country Soul: Making Music and Raising Race in the American South, reported the AP
Wallen’s performance welcoming the guests appeared almost as if it were a televised event. “wayward white artist”Was being returned. “The narrative of reconciliation is a really powerful one… and reconciliation without any reckoning, real reckoning, can actually end up worse,”Hughes stated. “‘Cause if you don’t address the problem, you just sort of act like it didn’t happen.”



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