Morbius Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are A Strike Through The Heart

There’s really no way around it: The vast majority of critics on Rotten TomatoesYou don’t like it “Morbius.” In fact, it would be an understatement to say they merely “dislike” it. Reviewers appear to like the design. “Morbius”One of those rare films that is so utterly failures, it can only be viewed with extremely colorful expressions or scathing words. 

Barry Hertz, for example. The Globe and MailThe movie’s bad reviews could actually hurt the superhero movie industry. “If there is any justice in Hollywood, Morbius will be retconned to the margins of superhero cinema history. If the film doesn’t bury the genre alive first, that is,”He wrote. 

Robbie Collin The Telegraph didn’t hide his thoughts about the movie’s pointlessness. “The studio may have accidentally created the first Shepard film: it goes on for about an hour and 45 minutes, and right up until the second it ends, you keep feeling as if it’s just about to start.” 

Others critics blamed Sony and believed that “Morbius” is a prime example of a movie that’s intended to be a money-making machine, with very little inherent quality to speak of. “A cash-grab so sloppy it makes you wonder if the top brass at Sony are nihilistic members of the undead,” Charlotte O’Sullivan of London Evening Standard wrote.

Others, however, chose to go a different route and decorate their reviews with the same creativity as they felt the movie features deserved. “‘Morbius’ really does… *sigh* suck. Yes, we couldn’t even come up with something more inventive, folks,”Brian Lloyd wrote.


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