Montebello, Italy, receives large shipment of military gear for Ukraine



After being packed and loaded in Montebello, a large cargo of supplies will soon be heading to Ukraine.

Vests, helmets, and other military gear were either donated by local police or purchased through private donations.

The organizers of an airlift said that the personal protective gear was from twelve different states.

Zaven Kechichian (one of the organizers) said that the effort was a success. “large team effort with lots of collaboration.”He described the feeling of moral obligation to send the equipment.

“We are very passionate about this. We first-hand heard from people that know people who were injured or are related to people who were injured,”Kechichian spoke. “It’s a life or death matter.”

They’ll be chartering a plane from the San Bernardino Airport to ship the items to Warsaw, Poland before it makes its way to war-torn Ukraine. They hope it’s the first of many shipments to help Ukrainians inside and outside the country.

“We have a lot of military personnel with insufficient equipment and we believe that every day matters and every day we can save lives,”Kechichian stated.


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