Mom is Broken When No One Congratulates Her On the Birth of Her Daughter

A mother was unable to understand the situation after giving birth to her baby. She was terrified that she would have to speak in order to break the silence. 

In 2018, after 9 months of trying to conceive, 36-year-old Eliza Jamkochian Bahneman and her husband, 41-year-old Erik, were thrilled to find out they were having a baby!

Bahneman was beyond thrilled to share her pregnancy journey with her friends, as well as her sister-in-law and sister-in law. They were all simultaneously with children and had close due dates. The mom-to-be couldn’t wait for her miracle newborn to make its way into this beautiful world.

Eliza Jamkochian Bahneman kissing her baby Isabella up on the nose.│Source:

The baby girl chose to leave her safe environment of her mother’s body, which was a month earlier that expected. In October 2018, Isabella, or “Bella,” was officially born.  

This newborn was birthed at 5½ lb after a total of 12 hours of intensive labor. But what was supposed to be a joyful moment quickly became a blurred memory. 

Bahneman noticed a dark silence as whispers washed over the room, leaving her disconcerted. She looked back and saw that she was right. :

“‘Why isn’t anyone congratulating me? Why is my husband so confused and scared? Why can’t my mom look at me?”

Bella was then taken to the NICU, and after many tests and evaluations, the newborn was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Treacher Collins. This causes facial bones to stop developing properly.

Eliza Jamkochian Bahneman with Isabella. │Source:

Due to this, Isabella was born with many issues, such as loss of hearing and a small airway. This was the beginning of a long and difficult road that included many surgeries and being rushed to the hospital in an emergency. 

Bella needed to be able to participate in many types of therapy. This included music classes for her loss of hearing, speech as well as occupational therapy. 

Two years on and it appeared that Isabella was still growing strong. Nevertheless, this 2-year-old was now also facing adverse social reactions due to her condition, with people judging her based on how she looked. The mom was able to keep her daughter safe. :

“We are all born with differences and some are more visible than others. The world would not be so colorful if everyone was the same.”

Eliza Jamkochian Bahneman holds her baby Isabella in the air. │Source:

Her mother is determined to continue raising awareness about Treacher Collins disorder and educate the public. Overall, Bahneman wants to inspire others to be kind to those who have this condition. After all, this is all anyone should do when they meet someone unique yet beautiful. 


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